Waves to Water Stage ADAPT Stage: Team CalWave (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Waves to Water Stage ADAPT Stage: Team CalWave.

Mark Seaman, co-founder and CEO of CalWave Power Technologies.

Economists worldwide agree that access to fresh water is becoming more and more critical. This is especially challenging in remote locations after natural disasters have destroyed all local infrastructure. Today, I'm glad to introduce to you the CalWave HydroNode, a wave powered desalination system especially designed for remote locations and disaster relief applications.

The key innovation is an inflatable hull and a lightweight design, and due to its lightweight, it can be deployed easily from a small vessel or fishing boat. Power is generated from a winch-type power take-off and this power will be converted to a dc bus and stored in a half-a-kilowatt-hour battery system. The wave device will be connected to Jennette's Pier via a power income communication umbilical kit. Based on our combined simulations of the wave device and the reverse-osmosis system at Jennette's Pier, we expect to produce an average amount of fresh water of 6 liters per hour.

The HydroNode utilizes CalWave's proven and efficient winch-type drivetrain architecture. The robust controls are enabled by a digital twin we've developed and tested in our lab facilities for years.

Our team of six, full-time, has been working closely together since 2014. We formed during the U.S. Wave Energy Prize. With these great results, we've received support from the U.S. Department of Energy to deploy a scaled open ocean pilot. Through these projects, our team has developed critical engineering expertise in hydrodynamics, time domain simulations, controls, and hardware testing.

Especially critical is our hardware-in-the-loop setup, where we can test subsystems in our lab operating in real-world conditions. Our main development challenges before the CREATE and DRINK Stage are to refine our old simulations and test the reliability of our inflatable hull with our local manufacturing partner, Hogan Sales. Then, our team will build and test the system in our assembly facilities here in Oakland, California. Thank you and please visit us at calwave.energy.