"OK, Eagle…" Video Text Version

Below is the text version for the video "Oregon State University (OSU) and NREL Partner to Protect Eagles with Potato Cannons".

Oregon State University (OSU) Partners with NREL To Improve Wildlife Impact Minimization System

OSU researchers worked with NREL staff to evaluate their wildlife detection and deterrent system.

A reliable impact detection system is essential to assess impacts and effective solutions.

Researchers simulated bird flight paths by launching tennis balls at a research turbine.

Tennis ball and potato impacts on turbine blades helped researchers gather critical data, information OSU will use to refine their impact detection system and software.

Blade mounted sensors and cameras record the moments leading up to and after an event aiding in species identification, which furthers our knowledge of wildlife interactions with wind energy.

A far-field imaging camera installed on top of the turbine detects bird species like eagles.

If an eagle comes within one mile of the turbine, it could trigger a deterrent to scare away the bird and any prey in the area.

Minimizing wildlife impacts at wind turbines is critical to protect species, and leads to wider wind energy deployment.

To learn more, visit nrel.gov/news/program/2019/osu-wildlife-impact-minimization.html.