Powering the Blue Economy Overview (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Powering the Blue Economy Overview. It describes the goals of the Powering the Blue Economy (PBE) initiative, which is part of the Water Power Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Earth's oceans connect us in a way that no other natural resource does. They play a critical role in our livelihoods and environment by sustaining cultures, communities, and ecosystems.

[Speaker: Jennifer Garson, U.S. Department of Energy, Water Power Technologies Office]

Waves, tides, and currents serve as a potential abundant source of renewable energy. While they're one of the most nascent forms of energy, harnessing these resources can dramatically improve our ability to have a more sustainable planet.

Marine energy technologies are not at the same readiness as, say, solar and wind energy technologies, and so one of the things that we've been doing within the Water Power Technologies Office, is as we try to mature these technologies that ultimately help serve our nation's grid. We believe that through our Powering the Blue Economy initiative, we can start to develop solutions that can be integrated into existing technologies out in the ocean and forge new pathways to markets that aren't even available to us right now.

Our goal here though is not just to generate power, it's to also preserve the oceans that are such an integral part of our lives. Oceans are a major food source, support global trade, and provide jobs to millions of people. And we need to continue to work in the ocean to support our society, to provide better access to electricity, clean water, and even help protect coastal communities from oncoming natural disasters.

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The Water Power Technologies Office, or WPTO, is using several funding opportunities to support creative researchers and innovators across the United States that can help advance marine energy technologies. These investments will not only boost our country's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and protect our climate but will also create jobs and strengthen our economy.

[Text on screen: Ocean Observing Prize, Marine Energy Collegiate Competition, Waves to Water Prize]

From Powering the Blue Economy prizes and competitions, to supporting start-up incubators and accelerators, WPTO funds a diverse set of programs to help advance the blue economy in different ways. Through foundational research and development, WPTO encourages industry, universities, and national laboratories to work together to find the best solutions for real world applications.

These aren't the only connections that PBE hopes to foster. Many remote and islanded communities across the United States face complex and costly energy challenges. WPTO is working to connect with these communities, collaborating with various local community partners and community organizations to spur transitions away from diesel-dependent systems and towards an independent energy future that's equitable, sustainable, and resilient.

WPTO will continue to work with innovators, partners, and sponsors to help build and power a blue economy. Sustainably accelerating economic growth and preserving the health of ocean ecosystems, all while advancing renewable marine energy technologies that can support communities, ecosystems, and livelihoods.

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