Powering Our Research: Hydrogen Systems + Technologies (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video "Powering Our Research: Hydrogen Systems + Technologies"

Video opens on a shot of beakers in a laboratory with bubbling liquid while music plays. The NREL logo appears in the top left of the frame. Text over the top says, "Powering our Research: Hydrogen Systems + Technologies."

Video cuts to a close-up shot of a hydrogen electrolyzer. The text changes to "Hydrogen is simple, clean, and versatile."

Video cuts to an exterior, ground-level shot of wind turbines in a field. The text changes to "It can be produced at small or large scales and used to store excess energy from clean sources …"

Video cuts to a shot of a hydrogen-fueled electric vehicle at a hydrogen fueling station at NREL's South Table Mountain Campus. The car pulls away and drives off screen. The text changes to, "… or to power a growing fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles."

Video cuts to an interior shot of the lobby of NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility. The text changes to "At the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), scientists are studying the full range of hydrogen energy technologies …"

Video cuts to a shot of microscope equipment in a laboratory. The text changes to  "… from the molecular level up to its end use in vehicles, industrial processes, and energy systems."

Video cuts to a shot of NREL's bioreactor. A worker walks into the shot from off screen toward the bioreactor. The text changes to "NREL researchers are even feeding hydrogen to microbes in a 700-liter bioreactor …"

Video cuts to a shot of the same research in a harness and wires climbing on the bioreactor. " … to explore the benefits of converting hydrogen to pipeline-ready renewable natural gas."

Video cuts to a shot of two researchers looking at data on computer monitors. The text changes to "The ESIF's flexible hydrogen labs generate, store, compress, and test hydrogen and fuel cell components ..."

Video cuts to an exterior shot of the ESIF. The text changes to "… with the infrastructure and scale that can't be found anywhere else." Text then changes to "Join us. Nrel.gov/esif."

Video cuts to black and music fades out.