Powering our Research: High-Performance Computing (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video "Powering our Research: High-Performance Computing"

Video opens on a shot of a black screen with blurred green dots in the background while music plays. The NREL logo appears in the top left of the frame. Text over the top says, "Powering our Research: High-Performance Computing."

Video cuts to a close-up shot of a control panel. The video zooms out to reveal a grid of 49 individual shots of various pieces of technology, equipment, and workers. The text changes to, "Real-time data allow the grid to operate in ways that it otherwise couldn’t."

Video cuts to an overhead shot of a wind turbine in a field. The text changes to, "This includes being able to use or store renewable energy when it’s available…"

Video cuts to a city street with people walking down it. Blurred lights on police cars parked on the street flash in the background. The text changes to, "...and react quickly to adverse events to minimize or prevent outages."

Video cuts to a researcher interacting with a 3d visualization of data. The text changes to, "Data also allow us to study, model, and visualize large, complex energy systems and their interdependencies, which is vital to energy systems research."

Video cuts to a shot of a computer array in a data center. The text changes to, "But turning all of that data into reliable models, true-to-life simulation, and actionable intelligence requires a lot of computational muscle."

Video cuts to a shot of NREL’s supercomputer, Eagle. The text changes to, "With 8 PetaFLOPS of processing power, NREL’s high-performance computer, Eagle, is up to the task."

Video cuts to a close-up shot of lights flashing on individual computers in a data center. The text changes to, "Eagle is capable of simulating complex systems, spanning the biological world to power distribution networks."

Video cuts to another shot of a researcher looking at a 3d visualization of data. The text changes to, "And it’s the engine that drives NREL’s 3D visualizations, miking it possible to plan highly efficient future energy systems."

Video cuts to a close-up of fluctuating data on a monitor. The text changes to, "High-performance computing at NREL offers unparalleled resolution and a completely unique perspective on systems…"

Video cuts to a topographical 3D digital visualization of data. The text changes to, "…which has paved the way for breakthroughs that would have been impossible to achieve without it." Text then changes to, "Join us. Nrel.gov/esif."

Video cuts to black and music fades out.