NREL's Top Stories of 2022 (Text Version)

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NREL’s 2022 Top News Stories.

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Landmark Demonstration Shows How Wind Turbine Can Provide Grid Stability. NREL operated type-3 turbines using grid-forming controls.

DOE Launches Study To Consider Equitable Pathways To Power Puerto Rico With 100% Renewable Energy. The PR100 study targets 100% renewable energy in Puerto Rico by 2050.

NREL Createst Highest Efficiency Sun Solar Cell. NREL researchers created a solar cell with a record 39.5% efficiency.

NREL Pledge Curbs Emissions as Part of Larger DOE Initiative. NREL’s Flatirons Campus will reach net zero emissions in FY23.

Growing Plants, Power, and Partnerships Through Agrivoltaics. NREL’s InSPIRE project is the largest and longest-running agrivoltaics research effort in the world.

R&D 100 Awards Honor NREL Innovation. NREL’s Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform received an R&D 100 Award.

NREL’s 6th Partner Forum Digs Deep on Sustainable Aviation Opportunities. NREL plays a critical role in aviation’s decarbonization push.

Exploring the Big Challenge Ahead: Insights on the Path to a Net-Zero Power Sector by 2035. NREL modeled the cost of a decarbonized grid in the U.S. by 2035.

Marquee NREL Partnership Continues To Build on Groundbreaking Innovation. NREL and HPE have transformed energy use in data centers.

NREL Delivers Impact Through Commercialization in Record Volume at Critical Time. In FY22, NREL brought in over $130M in new partnership work.

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