NREL Tribal Overview (Text Version)

This video explores NREL’s work with tribes on their journey toward a clean energy future by highlighting collaborations and projects with tribes, NREL, the U.S. Department of Energy, and partners.

Video starts with scenic tribal landscapes and images

Native American tribes are working to secure their energy future while meeting their energy, environmental, security, and economic goals.

Scenic mountain shot with an animated overlay of a timeline from 1990s to 2020

And while the conversation around energy and equity grows, NREL experts have partnered with tribes for decades …

Shot of people looking at solar panels on a roof

… in the pursuit of a more equitable energy system that meets their needs.

Text on screen “U.S. Department of Energy”

Leveraging investment from the U.S. Department of Energy …

Video of people talking, shaking hands at the San Carlos Apache Tribe administrative office

… and local partner networks, NREL works hand in hand with tribes …

Video of computer data, numbers on black screen, people looking at the computer

… providing data, tools, analyses, …

Image is tribal community children in nature

… and direct support to advance tribal energy goals.

Video of wind turbines in the sunset, solar panels

Tribes are looking to clean energy projects to enhance energy sovereignty and economic opportunity.

Animated map pointing out the Pueblo of Picuris location in Arizona

NREL provided technical support to the Pueblo of Picuris in New Mexico to meet that goal.

Aerial images of solar array project on tribal lands, pictures of groundbreaking ceremony

In partnership with the local utility, the tribe built a community solar array that not only offset 100% of electricity costs for its members but also generated revenue—boosting the tribe’s economy.

Animated map pointing out the Hopi Tribe location in Arizona

NREL—with support from funding partners the Wells Fargo Foundation and the Bureau of Reclamation—also worked with the Hopi Tribe in Arizona.

Video of typing on a keyboard

The team performed feasibility analyses …

Video of people shaking hands

... and selected a business partner …

Video of tribal landscape in northeast Arizona desert and solar array

… to develop a new solar project site, with a goal to sell power to the grid.

Video of money stacking up

The revenue will help make up for lost coal royalties …

Video of coal and coal factory dirty emissions

… enabling the tribe to continue to be part of the energy economy in the transition from fossil …

Video of wind turbines, clean energy

… to renewable resources, all while investing in the community.

Video of wildfires burning,

Tribes are on the front lines of climate change and understand the importance of protecting the environment …

Images of tribal communities and people gathered

… and the well-being of their community.

Video of planning for solar panels at the San Carlos Apache Tribe

With NREL technical support, dozens of tribes have created strategic energy plans, integrating resilient and secure energy solutions …

Video of flooding, drought, sea waves crashing on shore, and permafrost thaw water running

… to combat regional challenges such as floods, drought, rising sea levels, and permafrost thaw.

Animated map pointing out Newtok tribal lands location in Alaska

In 2019, NREL partnered with Newtok, an Alaska Native village on the Bering Sea.

Video of community children playing outside and scenes of the community on the edge of the Bering Sea waters

Newtok is in the process of relocating to higher ground to escape coastal erosion threatening the community. 

Images of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center team and community members in planning and discussion

The Alaska-based NREL team, the Cold Climate Housing Research Center,  worked with Newtok and partners …

Images of new building construction, people working

… to plan a new site for the village that would be resilient to disaster, affordable to maintain, and incorporate efficient and clean energy building solutions …

Images of tribal event, children dancing

… while also reflecting their culture and subsistence traditions.

Animated map pointing out Galena tribal lands location in Alaska

In 2013, the Yukon River flooded the Alaskan community of Galena …

Aerial video of flooding in Galena

… severely damaging 90% of the homes and businesses.

Text on screen “FEMA” and its logo

With support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency …

Images of people building new construction and power lines

… NREL helped the community recover, building back stronger, with energy-efficient buildings and a more resilient power plant that could withstand future floods or disasters.

Animated map of the US, with color blocks of all tribal lands

NREL is proud to have worked with over 300 tribes since 2009, sharing knowledge and decision support solutions.

Screengrabs of the Tribal Energy Atlas on website

With access to tools such as the Tribal Energy Atlas, tribes can assess their energy opportunities and make informed decisions in planning.

Video of solar array and panels in the sun

NREL will continue to share their experience …

Video of scenic desert landscapes

… supporting tribes on their energy journey into the future.

Video ends with NREL logo and text on screen “NREL Transforming Energy – Learn more or partner with us”