NREL—Saving the Planet Since 1977 (Text Version)

This is the text version of a video about NREL's focus on one goal: saving the planet.

Stock footage of cheering fans.

There are no fans.

Clips of band performing at half time and a giant foam finger in the crowd.

No halftime shows or giant foam fingers.

Clips from professional sports events. 

No championship rings or highlight reels.

Quick shots of NREL researchers in the labs.

Just a team of dedicated individuals … building upon decades of practice and discovery ...

To achieve one goal.

The words "SAVING THE PLANET" appear large on-screen.

Our planet needs us. More than it ever has before.

Quick shots of smokestacks, remote villages, wildfires, storms, cyber vulnerabilities, crowded cities, and wildlife.

Climate change … cyber threats ... energy inequality ... environmental justice ...

Clips of NREL researchers, reflecting our diversity.

These urgent challenges have inspired us for decades ... to get out of bed each morning … put in the long hours … to make sure we get it right.

Footage of NREL campus and more researchers in laboratories.

Since 1977, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has been working to transform energy and create a more sustainable way of life.

And while we are the pioneers of solar energy, our research has grown to include grid modernization, transportation, advanced manufacturing, integrated energy systems, wind, water, bioenergy, hydrogen, and more.

Time-lapse imagery of seeds sprouting, a baby holding an adult's finger, a boy drinking water.

This work we do provides a future for our planet—for the next generation—a future in which all individuals are represented and valued.

More footage of researchers at NREL.

But we cannot do it alone. At NREL, partnering is part of our DNA.

We know that success depends on creating an even larger team, which includes government, academia, and industry.

Working together to further what’s possible and to discover what’s next.

Each word appears large on-screen.

Innovation, discovery, collaboration, and commitment.

Aerial footage of NREL's South Table Mountain and Flatirons campuses.

These are not just buzz words—these words have been our anthem. For over 40 years.

Quick montage of researchers and clean energy technologies.

Because excellence doesn’t happen overnight ... and the world can’t wait another moment.

Imagery of digital clock, crowd and team cheers.

The clock is ticking ... the time is now … let's do this.

NREL logo.