Inclusion in the Workplace (Text Version)

This is the text version for the Inclusion: Leading by Example video.

I'm Martin Keller. I'm the NREL Director.

To create a more inclusive workplace, you need to start on the top. In the leadership team, you lead by example.

Because you know, it's interesting, in an all my professional careers I have seen this. And when I was starting as a young student, of course, you're looking and you're watching your leadership team very closely to see how do they interact. Are they inclusive? Do you feel that they're giving everybody a chance to participate?

So, I think it's really important that we as the leadership team go in there and set the right criteria so that we are seen as an inclusive leadership team. That we give everybody from operations to HR to finance to research, that we are working together to advance the mission of the laboratory.

Another very important element in inclusion is diversity. Because if we have a diverse work environment, as we have it, people see things very different, based on experience, on culture, on education. So it's important to bring all this into the decision-making. That's what I call an inclusive work environment.