H2FillS: Driving Innovation for Hydrogen Fueling Stations (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video H2FillS: Driving Innovation for Hydrogen Fueling Stations.

To support large-scale deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles, including passenger cars and long-haul trucks, the U.S. needs a nationwide network of hydrogen stations that provide fast and safe fueling.

NREL developed H2FillS: Hydrogen Filling Simulation to drive innovations for hydrogen fueling stations.

H2FillS is a fast, flexible thermodynamic model that simulates the process to supply hydrogen from a fueling station to a vehicle, answering vital questions to improve the cost, performance, and safety of hydrogen fueling.

H2FillS is the first free-to-use, validated model that accurately predicts hydrogen temperature and pressure throughout the entire fueling process in a real-world system.

The software is easy to use, with a “drag-and-drop” user interface, and highly flexible to model different station configurations, vehicle systems, and fueling methods.

With H2FillS, developers can explore the safety and performance of a variety of scenarios to design optimal stations and fueling methods—all with one tool.

Learn more at www.nrel.gov/hydrogen/h2fills.html.