Energy Systems Integration Facility Buildings Demo (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video ESIF Buildings Demo. This video demonstrates the technologies used inside the ESIF building.

Commercial Buildings Research Infrastructure, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

[Camera pans around inside laboratory, where a chiller is pointed out.]

[Camera pans around another room inside the laboratory and a thermal energy storage tank is pointed out.]

Building Controls

[Person is pressing buttons on a device.]

Data Acquisition System

[Person is looking at data on computer screens.]

Environmental Chamber

[Person walks up and opens large door.]

Refrigerated Case

[Person moves bottles around inside chamber, where temperature sensors are fixed to the inside of refrigerated case.]

[Person closes chamber door and walks over to computer screens and begins entering data.]

System Integration

[Aerial view of inside laboratory with thermal energy storage tank, building controls, and electric vehicles.]

[Animated NREL logo appears on screen.]