E-ROBOT Prize Phase 1 Winners (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video E-ROBOT Prize Phase 1 Winners.

[Music plays while text appears on screen.]

U.S. homes and buildings account for:

  • 75% of nation's electricity
  • 35% of CO2 emissions
  • 40% of total energy use.

Yet less than 2% undergo deep energy retrofits each year.

We cannot meet our climate goals without addressing our existing building stock.

The $5 million American-Made E-ROBOT Prize is bringing holistic, low-cost, minimally invasive robotic building retrofit solutions to the market quickly, changing the future of buildings with solutions that reduce retrofit costs, improve worker safety and accessibility, and create job and business opportunities.

Meet the E-ROBOT Prize Phase 1 Winners:

  • EASEEbot, New York University
  • Precise Air-Sealing Robot for Inaccessible Spaces (PARIS), Northeastern University
  • Drone Thermography for Building Envelope Retrofit, Thermadrone
  • Robotic Assisted Exterior Insulated Finish Systems, FunForm
  • wall-EIFS, wall-EIFS
  • The Mayfly and the Aardvark, Friendly Robots Company
  • Robotic System for Air Sealing and Insulating Attics, Roboattic
  • Drone for Applying Multifunctional Control Layers, Apellix Techstyle Materials
  • Revolutionizing Robotic Retrofits, F.G.S.
  • The R-STRIPE Deep Energy Retrofit System, R-STRIPE

Congratulations to the Phase 1 winners.

Phase 2:

  • 10 Teams
  • 4 Winners
  • $2 million Phase 2 prize pool
  • Demonstration day, coming early 2022