REopt Lite Goes Open Source

REopt Lite Open Source Lets Programmers, Software Developers, and Researchers Access the Code Behind the Web Tool

Feb. 26, 2020 | Contact media relations

Complex models, robust data sets, custom capabilities—now users with the know-how can dig into the code behind the REopt Lite™ web tool and create something new. REopt Lite Open Source is the latest addition to the suite of ways to use REopt Lite for research, analysis, and project development.

An abstract graphic shows the technology and cost inputs and REopt Lite Open Source outputs.

Transparency, flexibility, collaboration—REopt Lite Open Source lets users explore and customize the code and work with NREL to implement new REopt Lite features.

The REopt Lite web tool evaluates the economic viability of grid-connected photovoltaics, wind, and battery storage at a site. It allows users to identify system sizes and battery dispatch strategies to minimize energy costs, and it estimates how long a system can sustain critical loads during a grid outage.

REopt Lite Open Source provides all of the web tool’s capabilities, plus:

  • Transparency—Explore the source code to find equations and algorithms so you can see exactly how the models work.
  • Flexibility—Change the code and build your own versions of REopt Lite to add your customized features and capabilities.
  • Collaboration—Contribute new models, fix bugs, or work with NREL to implement new features that can be added to NREL’s REopt Lite offerings.

The source code and tools required to build REopt Lite are available to the public on the REopt Lite GitHub repositories. NREL will continue to maintain and update the code, as well as release NREL versions of REopt Lite and the REopt Lite application programming interface (API) with new features and updates.

Register for the REopt Lite Open Source Webinar

To find out more about the new open source version, register for NREL’s REopt Lite Open Source webinar on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, at 11 a.m. MT. A webinar recording will be shared on the REopt website after the event.

Learn More About REopt

REopt Lite is a publicly available web version of the more comprehensive REopt™ model, NREL's techno-economic decision support platform that evaluates a range of renewable and conventional energy technologies and performs complex grid outage modeling, among other capabilities. Learn more about NREL's REopt analysis services at

REopt Lite's development is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Federal Energy Management Program and Advanced Manufacturing Office.

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