Five NREL Scientists Recognized as Highly Cited Researchers

Jan. 9, 2019

Five researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) made the 2018 list of Highly Cited Researchers, which means their published work was among the top 1% of most-cited papers in their respective scientific fields. The list, published by Clarivate Analytics, highlights more than 6,000 researchers around the globe across 21 different fields.

The NREL researchers—Matthew Beard, Giles Eperon, Joseph Luther, Keith Emery, and Arthur Nozik—work in various fields including engineering, chemistry, and physics. For the first three, this accomplishment is a career first; for the other two, it’s a repeat performance.

“The fact that five of our solar researchers have been named to this prestigious list speaks volumes about the impact of our work and our people in this area,” said Laboratory Director and Alliance President Martin Keller. “Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, this achievement shows that the research being done here at NREL has benefits across the global scientific community. It’s a great example of science at its finest: doing quality work and publishing the results to guide other researchers. This helps us all work together to design our advanced-energy future and get there faster.”

Beard, who has conducted chemistry-related research at NREL for more than 15 years, was selected for his contributions across several fields. According to Google Scholar, he has been cited more than 17,000 times throughout his research career for work in solar energy conversion, multiple exciton generation, and time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy.

Eperon made the list for his work within materials chemistry. He was a newcomer to NREL in 2018, but he has been cited nearly 23,000 times so far in his career, particularly for his work in novel solution-processed hybrid photovoltaics, solar cells, and perovskites.

Luther has been at NREL for over nine years and has been cited more than 13,000 times during his career, especially for research involving quantum dot solar cells, perovskites, nanocrystals, and photovoltaics.

Emery, an emeritus researcher at NREL, was recognized for his engineering-related work in cell and module device performance measurements. Emery has been cited almost 31,000 times throughout his career in areas such as solar cell efficiency, photovoltaic measurements, and standards support. This is a three-peat honor for Emery, who also made the 2014 and 2015 lists.

Nozik, another emeritus researcher, has been cited more than 38,000 times according to Google Scholar for his work in energy, nanoscience, next-generation solar photoconversion, and more. Nozik also made the list in 2014.

Having five researchers recognized on the Highly Cited Researchers list is an important accomplishment and a credit to NREL’s high-quality, scientifically relevant research.