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Free Webinar February 28: Overcoming the Impacts of Fast Charging

Feb. 21, 2018

Vehicle Electrification Group Manager Matt Keyser will be moderating a free one-hour webinar titled, "Overcoming the Impacts of Fast Charging on Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (EVs), Batteries, and Charging Systems" featuring leading industry experts from companies, including Jaguar Land Rover Automotive.

Hosted by The Battery Show as part of the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, the webinar takes place on Wednesday, February 28, at 7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (5:00 a.m.–6:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time). The webinar is now available on demand. Register to access the webinar audio and to view slides from the presentation.

Speakers include:

  • Limhi Somerville, lithium-ion specialist, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Daniel Lautensack, head of LPG Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, ABB
  • Holger Schuh, EIMEA Business Development Manager, Thermal Interface Materials, Henkel Corporation, Adhesive Electronics

In order to compete with gasoline-fueled cars and dispel range anxiety fears for consumers, EV charging must be improved so it's on par with the time it takes to fill a gas tank. One solution is fast charging and extreme fast charging (XFC). Charging stations up to 350 kW are now available in Europe, however, these systems have the potential for several detrimental impacts, including charging system, powertrain, and battery overheating, decreased battery life, and the buildup of lithium plating on the electrodes, harming their efficiency, performance, and predicted lifetime.

This webinar will feature a lively discussion by industry experts on finding ways to mitigate these impacts so that safe, cost-effective, and faster charging options can be brought to the market. They will assess current solutions and their viability, as well as discuss cutting-edge technologies coming down the line.

Learn more about NREL's extreme fast charging and transportation research.