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Webinar July 28: H2@Scale – A Potential Opportunity

July 20, 2016

The Energy Department's Fuel Cell Technologies Office will present a live webinar titled "H2@Scale – A Potential Opportunity" on Thursday, July 28, from 10 to 11 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

Hydrogen, as a flexible, clean energy-carrying intermediate, has the potential to be a centerpiece of a future energy system where aggressive market penetration of renewables (wind and solar) are coupled with renewable hydrogen production to meet society’s energy demands using clean, renewable resources and processes.

A number of key recent changes are bringing hydrogen back into the spotlight: (1) renewable energy is getting cheaper, and penetration levels are increasing at an exponential pace; (2) the costs of greenhouse gas emissions (climate change) and criteria pollutants (health concerns) are being acknowledged and are reaching a point where society is demanding change (renewable portfolio and zero emission vehicle standards); and (3) commercial viability of fuel cell vehicle technology has been demonstrated (commercial vehicles being sold).

A presentation by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will focus on the role of hydrogen at the grid scale and the efforts of a large, national lab team assembled to evaluate the potential of hydrogen to play a critical role in our energy future. Presenters will share facts about hydrogen and the vision of how it will fit into our future energy system and will discuss the R&D needs to enable this future.

View and download materials from this webinar on the Fuel Cell Technologies Office website.

—Sara Havig