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NREL's Power Systems Research Highlighted at 2015 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

July 27, 2015

NREL's power systems research will be featured prominently at the 2015 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting July 27-31, 2015, in Denver. Here are some highlights.

NREL Director Dan Arvizu will be giving a keynote speech on emerging technologies.

Local Organizing Committee participants: Ben Kroposki, Barbara O'Neill, Ed Muljadi, Murali Baggu, Sudipta Chakraborty

NREL researchers will chair the following sessions:

  1. Ed Muljadi - chair, Marine Hydrokinetic Session, was an instructor for the Renewable Energy Systems Modeling and Dynamic Performance tutorial
  2. Ben Kroposki - co-chair, sessions on The Role of Virtual Storage in Integrated Energy Systems of the Future and Energy Systems Integration
  3. Bryan Palmintier - co-chair, session on High-Performance Computing in Power Systems Planning
  4. Murali Baggu - chair, session on New Advanced Distribution System Architectures and Control for Distributed Generation and Storage Management
  5. Barbara O'Neill  - chair, session on Workforce Development for Renewable Energy and Power Systems

NREL won four prestigious "Best Conference Paper" awards:

  1. S. Chakraborty, A. Hoke, and B. Lundstrom won in the category of Grid Operation and Management for "Evaluation of Multiple Inverter Volt-VAR Control Interactions with Realistic Grid Impedances"
  2. H. Wu, I. Krad, A. Florita, J. Zhang, B. Hodge, and E. Ibanez won in the  Power System Modeling and Simulation category for "An Assessment of the Impact of Stochastic Day-Ahead SCUC on Economic and Reliability Metrics at Multiple Timescales"
  3. B. Palmintier won in the category of Power System Modeling and Simulation for "A GridLAB-D Communication Interface for Smart Distribution Grid Simulations"
  4. B. Lundstrom, P. Gotseff, J. Giraldez, and M. Coddington won in the Operation and Management category for "A High-Speed, Real-Time Visualization and State Estimation Platform for Monitoring and Control of Electric Distribution Systems: Implementation and Field Results"

NREL will have more than 30 presentations and posters at the conference highlighting NREL's research in power systems.

  1. J. Weber - Progress on Structured Innovation in Wave Energy Converter Technology Development
  2. M. Lawson - Developing Numerical Modeling Tools for Wave Energy Conversion Devices
  3. A. Bloom - The Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study: Flexibility and High Penetrations of Wind and Solar
  4. M. Cui - A Scenario Generation Method for Wind Power Ramp Events Forecasting
  5. V. Diakov, G. Brinkman, P. Denholm, T, Jenkin, and R. Margolis - Renewable Generation Effect on Net Regional Energy Interchange
  6. M. Milligan - Reduction of CO2 Emissions due to Wind Energy - Methods and Issues in Estimating Operational Emission Reductions
  7. Y. Zhang and E. Muljadi - PMU-Aided Voltage Security Assessment for a Wind Power Plant
  8. Y. Zhang - Coupling Energy Control Systems at the Distribution and Home Level
  9. M. Ruth - Industrial Scale Energy Systems Integration
  10. B. Palmintier - The Integrated Grid Modeling System (IGMS) for Combined Transmission and Distribution Simulation
  11. B. Kroposki - NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility - Enabling Clean Energy Systems at Scale
  12. H. Wu - Reliability, Costs, and Pricing Impacts of Various Scheduling Strategies that Can Reduce the Impacts of Uncertainty
  13. E. Ibanez - Current and Future Challenges for Resource Adequacy Estimation
  14. S. Tegen - Workforce Development
  15. M. Milligan - Three Stage Production Cost Modeling Approach for Evaluating the Benefits of Intra-Hour Scheduling between Balancing Authorities
  16. E. Hale - Drivers for the Value of Demand Response Under Increased Levels of Wind and Solar Power
  17. T. Markel - Electric Vehicle Integration: Vehicles, Renewables, and Buildings Working together
  18. B. Hodge - The WIND and SIND Toolkits: Wind and Solar Data for the Next Generation of Renewable Integration Studies
  19. E. Muljadi - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Condenser with Solid State Excitation
  20. E. Muljadi - A Novel Transverse Flux Machine for Vehicle Traction Applications
  21. E. Muljadi - A Serial-Connected Compensator for Eliminating the Unbalanced Three-Phase Voltage Impact on the Wind Turbine Generations
  22. M. Cui - A Scenario Generation Method for Wind Power Ramp Events Forecasting
  23. E. Muljadi and V. Gevorigan - Dynamic Modeling of Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant
  24. K. Clark - Transient Stability of the US Western Interconnection with High Wind and Solar Generation
  25. J. Zhang and B. Hodge - Baseline and Target Values for PV Forecasts: Toward Improved Solar Power Forecasting
  26. C. Barrows, T. Mai, E. Hale, A. Lopez, and K. Eurek - Considering Renewables in Capacity Expansion Models: Capturing Flexibility with Hourly Dispatch
  27. E. Muljadi and V. Gevorgian - Harmonics in a Wind Power Plant
  28. P. Denholm - Market Challenges to Deployment of Energy Storage for Support of Renewable Energy Integration
  29. K. Bennion - Electric Motor Thermal Management R&D
  30. E. Dall'Anese and B. Johnson - Decentralized Optimal Dispatch of Photovoltaic Inverters in Residential Distribution Systems
  31. M. Cui, J. Zhang, A. Florita, and B. Hodge - An Optimized Swinging Door Algorithm for Wind Power Ramp Event Detection
  32. H. Wu, A. Pratt, and S. Chakraborty - Stochastic Optimal Scheduling of Residential Appliances with Renewable Energy Sources

NREL will also be giving tours of the Energy Systems Integration Facility and National Wind Technology Center during the week.

—Wayne Hicks