Transforming Energy: The NREL Podcast

NREL's Transforming Energy is a podcast that offers anyone interested in clean energy initiatives an inside look at the work being done at the lab.

The podcast's short, biweekly episodes cover NREL news stories, press releases, and features. Its monthly episodes dive deeper into the stories and people behind NREL's research. Find the latest episode below or check out the full list of episodes.

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In this episode, our hosts discuss three topics from NREL:

  1. The San Diego Association of Governments leveraged insights gained while participating in the NREL-managed Clean Energy to Communities program to enhance community engagement for climate action plans and zero-emission vehicle incentives. The work showcases the synergy between collaboration and technical assistance in advancing resilient clean energy systems tailored to local needs.
  2. A thermal energy storage technology using low-cost silica sand offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional batteries, crucial for achieving long-term energy storage goals while addressing cost and ethical concerns associated with battery production.
  3. A groundbreaking solar data set revolutionizes power planning and renewable energy deployment across diverse regions, addressing critical resource data gaps for countries like Tanzania and Ukraine, driving informed decision-making and sustainable energy advancement.

Meet the Hosts

Two people standing side by side in a dark room, smiling

NREL podcast hosts Taylor Mankle (left) and Kerrin Jeromin (right). Photo by Werner Slocum

NREL Communications staff members Kerrin Jeromin and Taylor Mankle bring broadcast journalism experience to their podcast hosting roles.

Jeromin, who joined NREL in 2019, worked for more than a decade as a broadcast meteorologist in TV markets across the country, while Mankle was a TV sports anchor before coming to NREL in 2021.

"When you listen to Transforming Energy, I think you'll be able to better connect with the work and those who make it possible."
— Taylor Mankle, co-host, Transforming Energy: The NREL Podcast.