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The following news stories take an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how NREL is advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.


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December 2010

Dec. 28, 2010

NREL Helps Corporate Fleets Go Green

Researchers work with companies to evaluate the latest technology commercially available in the medium and heavy-duty truck markets.

Dec. 22, 2010

NREL Solar Scientists Epitomize Teamwork

Collaboration and diversity in the form of multi-disciplinary teams with complementary skills replace the solo scientist of old.

Dec. 21, 2010

DOE Finalizes $1.45 Billion Loan Guarantee for One of the World's Largest Solar Generation Plants

A $1.45 billion loan guarantee has been finalized for Abengoa Solar Inc.'s Solana project, the world's largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant.

Dec. 20, 2010

NREL Interns Take Three First Place SERCh Awards

NREL interns recently presented their research in poster form at the 2010 Science and Energy Research Challenge (SERCh) Poster Competition, and three landed on top.

Dec. 17, 2010

NREL Employees Significantly Increase Their Community Support

For the second year in a row, employees of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) pledged significantly more to community organizations during its annual charitable giving campaign this holiday season.

Dec. 14, 2010

Hydrogen Bus Lets Lab Visitors Glimpse Future

The hydrogen bus uses the same basic technology as a conventional gasoline-powered engine but runs on renewable hydrogen.

Dec. 14, 2010

Hydrogen Bus Lets Lab Visitors Glimpse Future

NREL uses wind energy to make the hydrogen fueling the lab's "green" shuttle.

Dec. 2, 2010

Scientists Generate Two Energetic Electronic States from One Photon

– Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the University of Colorado, Boulder (UCB), have reported the first designed molecular system that produces two triplet states from an excited singlet state of a molecule, with essentially perfect efficiency.

November 2010

Nov. 29, 2010

IEEE Honors DeBlasio with Steinmetz Award

Richard DeBlasio, chief engineer for renewable electricity and end use systems with the U.S. Department of the Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), will be honored by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world's largest technical professional association, with the 2010 Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award. The award will be presented on Dec. 5 at the IEEE Standards Association Awards Ceremony in New Brunswick, N.J.

Nov. 23, 2010

Wind Turbines Whip Up Excitement, School Pride

Schoolyard wind turbines in 11 states propel interest in science and energy careers.

Nov. 12, 2010

NREL Program Empowers Leaders to Implement Solar

Executives in business, government, and other organizations are finding solutions to energy and environmental challenges by tapping into the power of renewable energy, thanks to a new program at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. After completing the five-month program that includes briefings by NREL technology experts, research laboratory tours, and visits to field applications, many of the graduates of the 2010 Executive Energy Leadership program have initiated solar projects.

Nov. 3, 2010

Algae Research in Full Bloom at NREL

Fragile microorganisms hold a reservoir of potential oil, but are tough to crack.

October 2010

Oct. 27, 2010

Offshore Wind Energy Poised to Play a Vital Role in Future U.S. Energy Markets

A new report analyzes the current state of the offshore wind energy industry in the United States.

Oct. 26, 2010

Wind Power's Impact on Grid Reliability, Backup Supply, and Fossil Fuel Use in New England Webinar

The Webinar included a discussion on the impact of wind's variability on power systems and reviewed preliminary results of the New England Wind Integration Study with a question and answer session.

Oct. 26, 2010

Island Breezes, Sun Perfect for Renewables

NREL is helping Caribbean and Pacific islands plot energy plans in the face of soaring costs, pollution concerns.

Oct. 26, 2010

NREL Scientists Lauded as Industry Pioneers

At the recent World Renewable Energy Congress/Network (WREN) in Abu Dhabi, three researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were named WREN Pioneers. Dr. Falah Hasoon, Dr. Chuck Kutscher and Dr. David Renné were recognized for the impact their discoveries and innovations have made to the progress and acceptance of renewable energy technologies.

Oct. 25, 2010

New Report Identifies Ways to Reduce Cost of Fuel Cell Power Plants

A new report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory details technical and cost gap analyses of molten carbonate fuel cell and phosphoric acid fuel cell stationary fuel cell power plants and identifies pathways for reducing costs.

Oct. 25, 2010

NREL Names New Deputy Lab Director for Science and Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has appointed Dana C. Christensen as its new Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology.

Oct. 22, 2010

John Wohlgemuth Brings PV Reliability, Standards Expertise to NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has hired John Wohlgemuth, a respected scientist who specializes in documenting failures in silicon and thin-film photovoltaic modules. His new role as a principal scientist in NREL's photovoltaics reliability group will draw upon his deep knowledge and experience in performance and reliability, along with his international work on standards.

Oct. 21, 2010

NREL Completes Testing of SkyTrough Collector

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has completed testing of the new SkyTrough parabolic trough collector, developed by SkyFuel. The collector uses a special mirror film that was jointly developed by SkyFuel and the laboratory. NREL worked with SkyFuel over a period of many months to help them improve the optical design. The final test results indicate that this new, lightweight design has a performance comparable to that of collectors using heavier glass mirrors.

Oct. 21, 2010

NREL's Clean Energy Forum Attracts Nearly 500 Participants from Investment Community

The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 23rd Industry Growth Forum this week attracted more than 500 investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and policymakers to Denver.

Oct. 19, 2010

President Obama: Ivanpah CSP Plant to Create Clean Energy and Jobs

A concentrating solar power plant planned for southeast California has been praised by President Obama as an illustration of how clean, home-grown energy can boost employment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Once constructed, the 370-megawatt Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station would nearly double the amount of solar thermal electricity produced in the United States today.

Oct. 19, 2010

Sun Shines Bright for NREL's Energy Execs

Leadership program grads are taking great strides to implement ideas fostered at NREL. Solar energy is offering them many opportunities.

Oct. 18, 2010

NREL's Hydrogen-Powered Bus Serves as Showcase for Advanced Vehicle Technologies

NREL uses its hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine bus as the primary shuttle vehicle for VIP visitors, members of the media, and new employees. The U.S. Department of Energy funded the lease for the bus to showcase hydrogen's role in our nation's portfolio of sustainable transportation options.

Oct. 18, 2010

First National Geothermal Student Competition Announced

As many as 10 collegiate teams will be awarded $10,000 each to participate in this first-ever competition. Apply today!


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