Research Staff

Research staff members in NREL’s Materials Science Center are aligned within five groups: Interfacial and Surface Science; Materials Physics; Microscopy and Imaging; Reliability and Systems Engineering; and Thin Film Material Science and Processing.

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Photo of Nancy Haegel

Nancy Haegel

Research Advisor III-Materials Science

Nancy Haegel is director of the National Center for Photovoltaics.

Photo of Glenn Teeter

Glenn Teeter

Interfacial and Surface Science Group Manager

Photo of Jeffrey Blackburn

Jeffrey Blackburn

Group Research Manager III-Materials Science

Photo of Mowafak Al-Jassim

Mowafak Al-Jassim

Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher

Photo of Teresa Barnes

Teresa Barnes

Group Research Manager III-Materials Science

Name Position Email Phone
Ahrenkiel, Richard Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6670
Al-Jassim, Mowafak Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6602
Alberi, Kirstin Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7647
Barnes, Teresa Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6682
Bauers, Sage Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-4826
Bell, Robert Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6681
Berquist, Zachary Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5615
Berry, Joseph Senior Research Fellow I-Physics 303-384-7611
Blackburn, Jeffrey Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6649
Boyer, Jacob Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-275-3996
Burrell, Anthony Energy Storage 303-384-6666
Colegrove, Eric Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-384-7232
Curry-Nkansah, Maria Sr. Research Advisor 303-384-7218
Dutta, Nikita Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-275-4471
Egbo, Kingsley Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5887
Eichstaedt, Casey Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-630-5253
Epps, Robert Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5141
Febba, Davi Marcelo Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-7291
Ginley, David Chief Scientist 303-384-6573
Glynn, Stephen Researcher IV-Semiconductor Engineering 303-384-7612
Gorin, Stephen Laboratory Program Manager II-Partnership Development 303-384-6216
Greenaway, Annie Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6576
Guthrey, Harvey Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-6232
Haegel, Nancy Research Advisor III-Materials Science 303-384-6548
Harvey, Steve Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-384-6613
Hayden, Steven Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-630-5204
Heinselman, Karen Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7677
Henckel, Danielle Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-4860
Hermosilla Palacios, Alejandra Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science
Howe, Marisa Chief of Staff 303-384-7906
Jennings, Ryan Researcher II-Materials and Process Engineering 303-630-5768
Jiang, Chun Sheng Senior Scientist 303-384-6687
Johnston, Steven Senior Scientist 303-384-6466
Jungjohann, Katherine Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6551
Kang, Albert Researcher 303-384-6667
Karas, Joseph Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science
Kern, Dana Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3284
Lany, Stephan Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6652
Leahy, Ian Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5520
Mangum, John Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3616
Mansfield, Lorelle Group Research Manager II-Physics 303-384-7884
Maughan, Annalise Assistant Professor 303-384-6125
McGott, Deborah Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-7683
Haque, Md Azimul Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5621
Moutinho, Helio Senior Scientist 303-384-6457
Muller, Matthew Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6412
Muzzillo, Christopher Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7983
Nanayakkara, Sanjini Project Manager III-Research 303-384-7980
Norman, Andrew Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6483
Ovaitt, Silvana Researcher III-Physics 303-384-6545
Padgett, Elliot Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6105
Palmstrom, Axel Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-4725
Parilla, Philip Researcher VI-Physics 303-384-6506
Paul, Goutam Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5510
Perkins, Craig Researcher V-Chemistry 303-384-6659
Raulerson, Emily Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-275-3148
Reese, Matthew Researcher V-Physics 303-384-7613
Roberts, Dennice Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7204
Rom, Chris Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-7269
Schaefer, Stephen Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5506
Schichtl, Zebulon Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5452
Schulte, Kevin Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6455
Schutt, Kelly Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6494
Selvidge, Jennifer Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5254
Simpson, Lin Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6625
Smaha, Rebecca Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7709
Springer, Martin Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7828
Tancin, Ryan Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-630-5237
Teeter, Glenn Interfacial and Surface Science Group Manager 303-384-6664
Tellekamp, Brooks Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6444
Tenent, Robert Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6775
Vise, Ashlee IT Professional II-Software Development 303-384-6448
Watts, Alliston Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3808
White, Robert Researcher V-Data Science 303-384-7802
Wipke, Keith Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM 303-275-4451
Yazawa, Kei Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-275-3603
Young, Matt Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6630
Zakutayev, Andriy Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6467
van Schilfgaarde, Mark Research Advisor III-Materials Science 303-630-5416