Advanced Energy System and Infrastructure Design and Testing

NREL provides analysis, simulation and testing, and engineering support to help countries design and optimize the performance of advanced energy systems and infrastructure. We offer this technical support for the buildings, industry, power, and transport sectors and for integrated energy systems.

Screening, Feasibility, and Optimization Analysis

We apply a variety of analytic tools and advanced methods to collaborate with in-country partners to support screening and feasibility analysis for energy production systems and infrastructure. This includes evaluation of social, environmental, economic, political, and other conditions to help identify and prioritize locations for clean energy development, as well as assessment of energy baselines and market, policy, and investment conditions. For an example, see Renewable Energy Integration & Optimization.

We team with countries on development of clean energy road maps and visions as well as feasibility studies for clean energy projects and infrastructure. We also assist countries with capacity expansion and production cost modeling to optimize electric system clean energy plans, and use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage, and grid management technologies.

Energy Systems Integration, Grid Management, and Power System Engineering

NREL's world-class Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) provides governments, system operators, technical and research institutes, and the private sector with advanced simulation and testing of integrated power, buildings, transport, and industrial energy systems and grid integration. This includes support for:

  • State-of-the art forecasting
  • Voltage and frequency regulation
  • Grid codes
  • Transmission and distribution system design
  • Balancing area regulation
  • Storage systems
  • Smart grid technologies
  • Other energy system and grid management technologies and measures.

Learn more about the ESIF.

Renewable Energy System and Project Design

We have deep experience with delivery of analytic and technical support to project developers, facility managers, communities, and national and local governments with renewable energy system design and projects. Our unique expertise involves design optimization for advanced clean energy power systems, buildings, and transport projects and systems. We also offer a unique immersive visualization and simulation capability on advanced energy system design.

High-Performance Buildings

NREL is a global leader in simulation and design of building systems that integrate innovative renewable energy technologies and systems along with energy efficiency measures into buildings to optimize energy performance. This includes simulation and optimization tools and analytic support, and engineering design assistance. Learn more about our buildings research.

Clean Transport Systems

We work with stakeholders around the world to support the design and deployment of transport systems using the latest electric technologies, bio-fuels, hydrogen systems, natural gas technologies, and other alternative fuels. This includes modeling and expert assistance to vehicle fleet managers, government regulators and planners, and automotive companies. Learn more about our transportation research.

Project Portfolio Development and Financing Support

We assist partners with techno-economic, GIS (geographic information system), and financial analysis to optimize how project portfolios meet energy goals. This includes:

  • Site assessment
  • Resource evaluation
  • Off-taker assessment
  • Technology assessments
  • Economic modeling
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Design specifications
  • Project financing and contractual mechanisms
  • Other related technical services.

We also assist partners in evaluating investment markets and risks, financing sources, and in developing innovative investment instruments and public-private financing partnerships.