Peer2Peer: India Power Series

The Peer2Peer: India Power Series is a virtual forum to support discussion and knowledge sharing related to India's clean energy transition.

The Peer2Peer: India Power Series convenes experts and stakeholders for discussion about the challenges and opportunities presented by India's clean energy transition. Each installment focuses on an emerging topic India is tackling as part of its energy transition. NREL hosts speakers from India and around the world for a roundtable event with the goal of promoting dialogue, discussion, and audience participation.

Upcoming Webinar

Peer2Peer: India Power Series

Despite enormous technical potential and ambitious policy targets, rooftop solar PV has not seen large growth in India. In the second installment of the Peer2Peer: India Power Series, the expert panel discussion will uncover the barriers to rooftop solar deployment and what can be done to accelerate the growth of rooftop PV for India.

Speakers include:

  • Reena Suri (moderator) – India Smart Grid Forum
  • Anil Dsouza – Bangalore Electricity Supply Company 
  • Abhishek Ranjan – BSES Rajdhani Power Limited 
  • Kuldeep Sharma – German Corporation for International Cooperation
  • Killian McKenna – National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Webinar Archive

June 13, 2021

Watch the Modeling Variable Renewables and Energy Storage in Long-Term Planning Studies webinar.

The government of India has set ambitious targets to achieve 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 and 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. Energy storage has been identified as an enabling technology to achieve these goals. The anticipated growth in variable renewable and energy storage technologies poses new challenges to power system planners, especially considering most conventional planning tools were not designed to capture the unique cost and operating characteristics of variable renewable energy and energy storage. This panel discussed what the analytical gaps are and best practices to address these gaps in India at the national, regional, and state levels.

Speakers and panelists included:

  • Pankaj Batra as Moderator – Project director, Integrated Research and Action for Development
  • Caitlin Murphy – Senior energy policy analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Elizabeth Cook – General manager, Advanced Grid Solutions - Duquense Light
  • Ashwin Gambhir – Fellow, Prayas Energy Group.