Grid Integration and Power System Transformation Analysis

NREL adapts and applies a broad portfolio of tools to assist countries with analysis of opportunities and strategies for achieving high-performing power systems that optimize use of a broad portfolio of advanced energy technologies.

Technologies include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy storage
  • Flexible gas and coal generation
  • Nuclear power
  • Grid management and infrastructure solutions.

We provide technical assistance to countries on using capacity expansion models to support regional and national grid integration studies and development of advanced energy road maps.

We also assist countries with production cost modeling to optimize generation siting and system design and performance with the overall grid systems.

The Lithuania 100% Renewable Energy Study

The Lithuania 100% Renewable Energy Study is a collaborative research and development agreement between the Lithuanian Energy Agency and NREL. It will evaluate a range of future scenarios and equip decision makers in Lithuania with answers to many critical energy transition questions. This study will support Lithuania in achieving a climate-neutral energy sector. Learn more by visiting the Lithuania 100% Renewable Energy Study page.

Greening the Grid

In partnership with the United States Agency for International Development, NREL developed and curates Greening the Grid, a web-based toolkit that presents this range of analytic models and other technical resources. It includes training packages and guidance materials to support energy system planners, regulators, and power system operators in overcoming challenges associated with integrating variable renewable energy into the power grid. To learn more, see the Greening the Grid website.

The Global Power System Transformation Consortium

NREL currently hosts the secretariat duties for the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium. The G-PST Consortium brings together key actors from around the world to foment a rapid clean energy transition by providing coordinated and holistic support and knowledge infusion to power system operators across five pillars of focus: system operator research, system operator technical support, workforce development, technology adoption, and open-source data and tools. To learn more, visit the G-PST Consortium website.

21st Century Power Partnership

NREL also serves as operating agent of the 21st Century Power Partnership, a Clean Energy Ministerial initiative. We provide deep technical support on advanced power system transformation to Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and other major emerging economies. We also prepare thought leadership reports and knowledge products for use by all countries. To learn more, see the 21st Century Power Partnership website.

Children's Investment Fund Foundation

With support from the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, NREL is partnering with several of India's states to compile and employ big data, build and deploy modeling tools, and integrate state-of-the-art planning and analytic methods into the decision-making processes at key power sector institutions. This work program advances the data, tools and methods used by India's states and power system operators to plan and manage the country's power sector transformation. To learn more, visit the Supporting India's States with Renewable Energy Integration web page.

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation also supports the Clean Grid Vision—A U.S. Perspective as part of the 2015–2021 Chinese Programme for a Low-Carbon Future, in partnership with NREL and China's State Grid Energy Research Institute.