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Fiscal Year 2022Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

In 2022, NREL’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) doubled technology incubation programs and saw incredible growth in the ecosystem we convene and support—from massive startup raises and public offerings to new partners and strong emission reduction commitments. Join us in celebrating 2022 when, together with our partners and the entire ecosystem, we advanced the commercialization of economically viable, clean technologies.

Trish Cozart
Director, NREL Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Our Mission
Building a cleantech ecosystem to empower market solutions that transform communities around the world

Programs and Events

IEC's programs provide resources to bring new technologies to market throughout the stages of companies' growth: entrepreneurial development, technical incubation and acceleration, and investment and market deployment.

Energy I-Corps Chevron Studio IN² CECA Industry Growth Forum NREL Small Business West Gate NTAP GCxN CTAP Investor Board

New Programs

Working alongside our partners, IEC launched three new programs in 2022.

Chevron Studio logo
Chevron Studio links entrepreneurs with national laboratories and universities to scale up and commercialize innovative, early-stage technologies that have the potential to enable a lower-carbon future. This program is a partnership between Chevron Technology Ventures and NREL, with the first cohort of three innovators onboarded in fall 2022.
CECA logo
The Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator™ (CECA) offers a visionary path to accelerate cyber innovation for modern, renewable energy technologies around high-priority cybersecurity risks to the energy sector. CECA is a private-public partnership among NREL; the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response; DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; and major utilities from across the United States, including Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Duke Energy, and Xcel Energy.
West Gate logo
West Gate supports innovators as they develop technology concepts into startups that are primed for growth. They are equipped with funding, entrepreneurial training, and technical assistance to speed their commercialization efforts. IEC manages West Gate, the DOE Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office's newest Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program, which is hosted by NREL with support from Colorado School of Mines. Meet the first West Gate cohort of four innovators.

2022 Portfolio Companies

Twenty-one companies and innovators joined IEC programs this year.

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BlocPower logo


BlocPower helps low- and moderate-income building owners and tenants in cities harness energy-efficiency tools and complete renewable energy retrofits.

Community Energy Labs logo

Community Energy Labs

Community Energy Labs provides an innovative platform for carbon-free, affordable, and reliable building control.

Corepower Magnetics logo

Corepower Magnetics

Corepower Magnetics designs, optimizes, and manufactures high-performance, smaller, and more efficient electric motors, inductors, and transformers.

Cytophage Technologies logo

Cytophage Technologies

Cytophage Technologies targets bacteria that becomes increasingly resistant to antibiotics by using evolved viruses that kill bacteria.

Edison Agrosciences logo

Edison Agrosciences

Edison Agrosciences increases rubber produced by sunflower plants to mitigate the endangered natural rubber supply.

Kit Switch logo

Kit Switch

Kit Switch works with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles to install and analyze its prefabricated kitchen modules.

NineDot Energy logo

NineDot Energy

NineDot Energy works with Fermata Energy and Revel Transit Inc. to use the batteries in electric fleet vehicles to supply energy to the grid.

Peptyde Bio logo

Peptyde Bio

Peptyde Bio provides a safe alternative to combat fungal diseases with biofungicides.

Robigo logo


Unlike pesticides that indiscriminately kill microbes, Robigo's technology targets pathogenic bacteria.

Induction Food Systems logo

Induction Food Systems

Induction Food Systems creates a scalable, precise, and efficient inline heating solution for food and beverage manufacturers.

Alumina Energy logo

Alumina Energy

Alumina Energy develops modular energy storage systems to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Resonant Link logo

Resonant Link

Resonant Link manufactures high-performance wireless chargers for electric vehicle fleets.

BattGenie logo


BattGenie offers battery management software that enables safer and faster charging batteries for electric vehicles.

Electrified Thermal Solutions logo

Electrified Thermal Solutions

Electrified Thermal Solutions develops energy storage built on a system that converts zero-carbon electricity into heat.

BrightSpot Automation logo

BrightSpot Automation

BrightSpot Automation finds defects in solar cells and solar panels to detect inactive areas.

ZERO logo


To reduce emissions in single-family homes, ZERO creates comprehensive energy-use reports for contractors.

Tereform logo
Circular Economy


Tereform takes waste textiles, such as carpet, and uses chemical recycling to break it down for reuse.

Renewell Energy logo

Renewell Energy

Renewell Energy aims to convert hundreds of thousands inactive oil and gas wells into gravity storage sites.

Blue Ridge Networks logo

Blue Ridge Networks

Blue Ridge Networks' LinkGuard system "cloaks" critical information technology network operations from destructive and costly cyberattacks.

Sierra Nevada Corp. logo

Sierra Nevada Corp.

Sierra Nevada Corp.'s Binary Armo is used by the U.S. Department of Defense and utilities to protect critical assets.

Xage logo


Xage uses identity-based access control to protect users, machines, apps, and data, at the edge and in the core/cloud.

Startup Portfolio Highlights

Portfolio by Stage

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center's programs support startups that span every stage of development from R&D to commercialization. One of the many impacts of our programs is helping startups develop technology through research support, allowing them to raise capital and scale up.

The majority of the 28% of commercial-ready portfolio companies are alumni—many of whom have found success through acquisitions, initial public offerings, and profitability.

Pie chart showing 48% in prototype stage, 28% in commercial-ready stage, and 24% in bench-scale stage.

2022 Highlights

in external funding raised by IN² portfolio companies since the program began in 2014
 27% increase over 2021
in managed funds from 148 investors represented at the 2022 NREL Industry Growth Forum
raised by GCxN cohort companies since the program began in 2018
 438% increase over 2021
new jobs added by GCxN and IN² cohort companies as of the end of Fiscal Year 2022
(from program start through Fiscal Year 2022 end)
 21% increase over 2021

Program Highlights

IN2 logo

The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator

Added 10 portfolio companies in Fiscal Year 2022, for a total of 65 companies

Introduced its first demonstration cohort

Contributed 9,428 researcher hours in Fiscal Year 2022 for a total of 39,805 research hours since 2014

GCxN logo

The Shell Gamechanger Accelerator Powered by NREL

Recipient of a 2022 Technology Transfer Innovation Award by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology

19 participating companies since 2018

Energy I-Corps logo

Energy I-Corps

Trained 59 lab researchers in Fiscal Year 2022, and engaged nearly 200 industry mentors since inception for a total of 400 lab researchers trained since program began

Created 20+ new businesses since inception

NREL Technical Assistance Program (NTAP)

  • Provided 40 hours of support to each startup and strategic partner to overcome technical barriers
  • Started six projects in Fiscal Year 2022 for a total of 115 projects since 2010

NREL Small Business Program

  • Hosted first Construction Industry Day in August 2022
  • Exceeded Fiscal Year 2022 goals under the socioeconomic categories of women-owned small businesses; small, disadvantaged businesses; and small businesses located in HUBZones
  • Met Fiscal Year 2022 veteran-owned small business goal

NREL Researchers Leading 2022 Projects

Meet the NREL researchers who led projects with startups in our portfolio in Fiscal Year 2022.

Headshots of NREL researchers
  • Shaun Alia, Ionomr, GCxN
  • Shaun Alia, Versogen, GCxN
  • Amy Allen, BlocPower, IN²
  • Amy Allen, Darcy Solutions, IN²
  • Gregg Beckham, Mars Materials, NTAP
  • Andrey Bernstein, MapleWell Energy, NTAP
  • Eric Bonnema, Feedback Solutions, Canadian Technology Assistance Program (CTAP)
  • Chuck Booten, Cypris Materials, IN²
  • Chuck Booten, Radiator Labs, IN²
  • Alexander Bulk, ZEUS Motor, NTAP
  • Tanushree Charan, Ladybug Tools, IN²
  • Venkatesh Chinde, Hygge Power Inc, GCxN
  • Shuang Cui, EnKoat, IN²
  • Ryan Davis, CERT Systems, CTAP
  • Marc Day, Induction Food Systems, GCxN
  • Tao Dong, Polaris Renewables, NTAP
  • Rawad El Kontar, Tallarna, IN²
  • Chaiwat Engtrakul, Aeroshield, IN²
  • Ramin Faramarzi, Turntide (SMC), IN²
  • Omkar Ghatpande, ZEUS Motor, NTAP
  • Shibani Ghosh, Span (Span.IO), GCxN
  • Kevin Harrison, Air Company, GCxN
  • Willy Bernal Heredia, Yotta Energy, IN²
  • Leiming Hu, Membrion, NTAP
  • Michael Ingram, Fibos, CTAP
  • Rishabh Jain, Intertie, GCxN
  • Myungsoo Jun, BattGenie, GCxN
  • Faisal Khan, Induction Food Systems, GCxN
  • Eric Kozubal, Blue Frontier, IN²
  • Eric Kozubal, Stash, IN²
  • Jacob Kruger, Evoco, CTAP
  • Parthiv Kurup, Alumina Energy, GCxN
  • Parthiv Kurup, Solar Steam, CTAP
  • Matt Leach, BlocPower, IN²
  • Monte Lunacek, RUNWITHIT Synthetics, CTAP
  • Joey Luther, QD Solar, CTAP
  • Dan Macumber, Ladybug Tools, IN²
  • Rasel Mahmud, Resonant Link, GCxN
  • Allison Mahvi, Stash, IN²
  • Thibault Marzullo, Community Energy Labs, IN²
  • Barry Mather, CorePower Magnetics, IN²
  • Killian McKenna, Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC, GCxN
  • Ryan Meyer, Darcy Solutions, IN²
  • Partha Mishra, NineDot Energy, IN²
  • David Moore, BlueDot Photonics, GCxN
  • Naveen Muthumanickam, Kit Switch, IN²
  • Adarsh Nagarajan, Electrified Thermal Solutions, GCxN
  • Mark Nimlos, Evoco, CTAP
  • Wale Odukomaiya, EnKoat, IN²
  • Andrew Parker, Lumen Energy, NTAP
  • Priti Paudyal, Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM), GCxN
  • Michael Penev, Electro-Active Technologies, NTAP
  • Ahmad Pesaran, Moment Energy, CTAP
  • Bryan Pivovar, Membrion, NTAP
  • Shanti Pless, Blokable, IN²
  • Shanti Pless, eSIX Development, NTAP
  • Shanti Pless, Kit Switch, IN²
  • Shanti Pless, Pre Framing Corp, IN²
  • Ankur Podder, Pre Framing Corp, IN²
  • Stacey Rothgeb, Blokable, IN²
  • Stacey Rothgeb, Kit Switch, IN²
  • Aron Saxon, Feasible Inc, GCxN
  • Aron Saxon, Moment Energy, CTAP
  • Bethany Sparn, NeoCharge, IN²
  • Bethany Sparn, Shifted Energy, IN²
  • Bethany Sparn, Span, IN²
  • Josh Sperling, RUNWITHIT Synthetics, CTAP
  • Eric Tan, CERT Systems, CTAP
  • Rob Tenent, UbiQD, IN²
  • Robert Tenent, 3E Nano, CTAP
  • Isaac Tolbert, Resonant Link, GCxN
  • Grant Wheeler, Turntide (SMC), IN²
  • Matt Wiatrowski, Polaris Renewables, NTAP
  • Korbaga Woldekidan, Community Energy Labs, IN²
  • Korbaga Woldekidan, Tallarna, IN²
  • Jason Woods, Icarus RT Inc, GCxN
  • Santosh Veda, EGM, GCxN
  • Chuanbo Yang, All Cell Technologies, GCxN
  • Yimin Zhang, Electro-Active Technologies, NTAP

Our Programs Support NREL Research Areas

IEC programs map to NREL's research and development.

Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator
  • Building Technologies and Science Center
  • Chemistry and Nanoscience
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences
  • Materials Science
Shell Gamechanger Powered by NREL
  • Building Technologies and Science Center
  • Chemistry and Nanoscience
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences
  • Center for Energy Conversion and Storage Systems
  • Energy Systems Integration Facility
  • Computational Science
  • Integrated Applications Center
Canadian Technology Accelerator
  • Building Technologies and Science Center
  • Chemistry and Nanoscience
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences
  • Center for Energy Conversion and Storage Systems
  • Materials Science
  • Catalytic Carbon Transformation and Scale-Up Center
  • Computational Science
  • Integrated Applications Center
  • Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center
NREL Commercialization Assistance Program
  • Building Technologies and Science Center
  • Chemistry and Nanoscience
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences
  • Catalytic Carbon Transformation and Scale-Up Center
  • Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center
  • Bioenergy Science and Technology
  • Strategic Energy Analysis Center
Energy I-Corps
  • Chemistry and Nanoscience
  • Center for Energy Conversion and Storage Systems
  • Materials Science
  • Computational Science
  • Integrated Applications Center
  • National Wind Technology Center
in funding to date from IEC programs to commercialization projects in the lab

Our Cleantech Network

IEC's tech incubation portfolio in Fiscal Year 2022 includes more than 150 startups and innovators.

Map of the United States with pinpoints indicating location of each startup in the IEC portfolio.
  • 7AC, Beverly, Massachusetts
  • 75F, Burnsville, Minnesota
  • Adept Materials, Somerville, Massachusetts
  • AeroShield, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • AgroSpheres, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Air Company, New York, New York
  • Aker Technologies, Chicago, Illinois
  • All Cell Technologies, Broadview, Illinois
  • Alumina Energy, Santa Monica, California
  • Antora Energy, Sunnyvale, California
  • Apana, Bellingham, Washington
  • Atlas Sensor Technologies, El Paso, Texas
  • Babur Ozden, Houston, Texas
  • BattGenie, Seattle, Washington
  • BlocPower, Brooklyn, New York
  • Blokable, Sacramento, California
  • Blue Frontier, Parkland, Florida
  • Blue Ridge Networks, Chantilly, Virginia
  • BlueDot Photonics, Seattle, Washington
  • Bright Spot Automation, Boulder, Colorado
  • Buildee (Simuwatt), Boulder, Colorado
  • CarbonBook (Motorleaf), Montreal, Quebec
  • Community Energy Labs, Portland, Oregon
  • CorePower Magnetics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • CoverCress, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Cypris Materials, Berkeley, California
  • Cytophage Technologies, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Darcy Solutions, Excelsior, Minnesota
  • EarthSense, Champaign, Illinois
  • EdgePower, Aspen, Colorado
  • Edison Agrosciences, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Electrical Grid Monitoring Ltd, Los Angeles, California
  • Electrified Thermal Solutions, Medford, Massachusetts
  • EnKoat, Phoenix, Arizona
  • ESS Inc, Portland, Oregon
  • Geli, San Francisco, California
  • Glass Dyenamics (Polyceed), Tucson, Arizona
  • Go Electric, Anderson, Indiana
  • GrowFlux, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Heliotrope, Berkeley, California
  • Hyundai CRADLE, Mountain View, California
  • Hygge Power Inc, Boulder, Colorado
  • Icarus RT Inc, Carlsbad, California
  • Induction Food Systems, Durham, North Carolina
  • Intertie, Sausalito, California
  • Intrinsyx Bio, Cupertino, California
  • Ionomr, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • J2 Innovations, Chino, California
  • John Witchel, Durango, Colorado
  • Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC, Holland, Michigan
  • Karen Baert, Stanford, California
  • Kit Switch, San Francisco, California
  • Ladybug Tools, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Larry Lawyer, Houston, Texas
  • Liminal (Feasible Inc), Emeryville, California
  • LiquidCool Solutions, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Maalka, Brooklyn, New York
  • MicroGrid Labs (MGL), Boulder, Colorado
  • Mobius, Lenoir City, Tennessee
  • NeoCharge, San Luis Obispo, California
  • NETenergy, Chicago, Illinois
  • New West Genetics, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • NEXT Energy Technologies, Santa Barbara, California
  • NineDot Energy, Brooklyn, New York
  • PeptydeBio, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Plastomics, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Pluton Biosciences, St. Louis, Missouri
  • PowerFlex Systems, Los Altos, California
  • Pre Framing Corp, Berkeley, California
  • Radiator Labs, Brooklyn, New York
  • Renewell, Golden, Colorado
  • Resonant Link, Burlington, Vermont
  • Retrofit Zero, Golden, Colorado
  • RNAissance Ag, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Robigo, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Shifted Energy, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Sierra Nevada Corp., Sparks, Nevada
  • SolGro, Arlington, Texas
  • SPAN, San Francisco, California
  • Stash Energy, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • STRATIS IoT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • SunPath, Louisville, Colorado
  • Synthetic Vector Design/Susterco, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tallarna, New York, New York
  • Terraform, Golden, Colorado
  • TerViva, Oakland, California
  • Thermolift, Stony Brook, New York
  • Transformative Wave, South Kent, Washington
  • Turntide Technologies (SMC), Sunnyvale, California
  • UbiQD, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Versogen, Wilmington, Delaware
  • VG SmartGlass, Chicago, Illinois
  • WattIQ (Ibis Networks), Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Whisker Labs, Oakland, California
  • Yotta Energy, Austin, Texas
  • Xage, Palo Alto, California
  • ZOMA LAB, Denver, Colorado

Industry Growth Forum – Better Together

NREL Industry Growth Forum logo

The Industry Growth Forum is the longest-running event of its type. The 27th event took place April 13–14, 2022, in Denver, Colorado, and convened cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to build relationships, showcase innovative technologies, and explore disruptive business solutions. In addition to the cleantech innovation pitch competition, it featured one-on-one meetings between entrepreneurs and investors.


542 attendees
including 217 startups
competitively selected startups pitched
in managed funds represented by attending investors
meetings held between cutting-edge startups and motivated investors
Industry Growth Forum Presenting Companies Have Raised More Than $11.3 Billion in Growth Financing


Best Venture Award

UCAP Power

Outstanding Venture Award

  • Early stage: Helicoid Industries
  • Growth stage: Biosynthetic Technologies
  • Commercialization stage: Syzygy Plasmonics
  • Emerging markets: UCAP Power

People's Choice Award

South 8 Technologies

Trends in Industry Growth Forum-Attending Startups' Technology Types

This graph shows a snapshot of the continuing evolution of startups in the cleantech space. In 2022, we saw a significant jump in hydrogen and fuel cell technology startups. Energy storage and thermal energy technologies continue to be a major focus of maturing cleantech startups, which aligns with the critical need to support large-scale deployment of renewables.

Innovation on the International Stage

The Global Power System Transformation Consortium

Through a pilot program, the Global Power System Transformation Consortium placed women in power system transformation in fellowships and internships at NREL, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the California Independent System Operator.

United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

In November 2021, the U.N. convened global leaders in Glasgow, Scotland to collaborate on the fight against climate change. IEC Director Trish Cozart spoke on Accelerating Equitable Climate Action Global Support for Startup Innovation alongside the deputy secretary of energy and our partners Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and Elemental Excelerator.

Global Clean Energy Incubator Network

IEC hosted a workshop convening 60 stakeholders from more than a dozen countries to collaborate on a global clean energy incubator network and mapped the global ecosystem in 2022 to understand gaps and opportunities in this space.

The Canadian Technology Assistance Program

Through the Canadian Technology Assistance Program, early-stage companies pitch their technologies to NREL experts. Startups can take advantage of validation, analysis, product design support, and more. Fifty-three Canadian companies have worked with NREL through the program; six companies did so in Fiscal Year 2022.

Visits From International Delegates

The IEC hosted visitors from several international organizations throughout 2022 that included the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Fortescue Future Industries.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards Drive Opportunities for Partners

Four Channel Partner organizations used their IN² strategic awards to deploy programs and opportunities to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion through:

  • Revolving loans
  • Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) specific cohorts, executive coaching, and training for BIPOC founders
  • Overall support for underrepresented or underserved investors and founders.

These funds supported six historically Black colleges and universities, 134 BIPOC students, 70 BIPOC farmers, 11 BIPOC startups, six BIPOC community partner organizations, and 1,820 BIPOC businesses.

IEC has awarded $24.5M in nondilutive funding to cleantech startups and innovators to date.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Team

IEC logo
photo of Trish Cozart
Trish Cozart, Director
Trish Cozart


photo of Katie Richardson
Katie Richardson, Group Manager
Katie Richardson

Group Manager

photo of Ryan Brubaker
Ryan Brubaker, Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator Program Manager
Ryan Brubaker

Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator Program Manager

photo of Shelly Curtiss
Shelly Curtiss, Energy I-Corps Program Manager
Shelly Curtiss

Energy I-Corps Program Manager

photo of Rexann Dunn
Rexann Dunn, NREL Small Business Program Manager
Rexann Dunn

NREL Small Business Program Manager

photo of Sheila Ebbitt
Sheila Ebbitt, Event Coordinator
Sheila Ebbitt

Event Coordinator

photo of Kristin Field-Macumber
Kristin Field-Macumber, IN² Technical Project Manager
Kristin Field-Macumber

IN² Technical Project Manager

photo of Danielle France
Danielle France, Industry Growth Forum and Investor Network Lead
Danielle France

Industry Growth Forum and Investor Network Lead

photo of Wendy Gutcher
Wendy Gutcher, Administrative Associate
Wendy Gutcher

Administrative Associate

photo of Rachelle Ihly
Rachelle Ihly, West Gate Program Manager and GCxN Technical @Project Manager
Rachelle Ihly

West Gate Program Manager and GCxN Technical Project Manager

photo of Johanna Jamison
Johanna Jamison, GCxN Program Manager
Johanna Jamison

GCxN Program Manager

photo of Monica Kurtz
Monica Kurtz, Communications Lead
Monica Kurtz

Communications Lead

photo of Kate LaMair
Kate LaMair, Industry Growth Forum Intern
Kate LaMair

Industry Growth Forum Intern

photo of Lauren Magin
Lauren Magin, Portfolio Manager and Energy I-Corps Project Manager
Lauren Magin

Portfolio Manager and Energy I-Corps Project Manager

photo of Tonya McCabe
Tonya McCabe, GCxN and IN² Program Operations
Tonya McCabe

GCxN and IN² Program Operations

photo of Kate Moore
Kate Moore, Strategic Partnerships and Investor Advisory Board Lead
Kate Moore

Strategic Partnerships and Investor Advisory Board Lead

photo of Monali Mujumdar
Monali Mujumdar, Startup Engagement Lead and Program Operations
Monali Mujumdar

Startup Engagement Lead and Program Operations

photo of Kimberlee Ott
Kimberlee Ott, Incubator, Accelerator, and University Partner Engagement Lead
Kimberlee Ott

Incubator, Accelerator, and University Partner Engagement Lead

photo of Heather Proc
Heather Proc, Program Operations
Heather Proc

Program Operations

photo of Ben Rakov
Ben Rakov, Industry Growth Forum Intern
Ben Rakov

Industry Growth Forum Intern

photo of Karin Wadsack
Karin Wadsack, Global Power System Transformation Director and Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project and USAID Project Manager
Karin Wadsack

Global Power System Transformation Director and Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project and USAID Project Manager

photo of Katie Woslager
Katie Woslager, Chevron Studio and Canadian Technology Assistance Program Manager
Katie Woslager

Chevron Studio and Canadian Technology Assistance Program Manager

In Fiscal Year 2022, Kimberlee Ott was awarded a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award by the Denver Business Journal.

In November 2021, National Veteran Small Business Coalition awarded NREL's Small Business Program with its Champion of Veteran Enterprise Award.

Our Thanks

Many thanks to our funding partners, technical partners, cleantech incubator ecosystem, community of investors, dedicated researchers, NREL and DOE leadership, and the incredible startups we serve. Together, we have driven outstanding growth in 2022. We look forward to all that the future brings.

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