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Elevate your work with new tracking for Advanced Computing in the NREL Publishing Tracker

March 3, 2021

There is a new question on the User Facilities & Program Areas page when you enter a publication into the Pub Tracker – “The High Performance Computing Facility was used to produce results or data used in this publication.” Please be sure to check Yes on this question for your work that made use of the HPC User Facility or other systems in the ESIF HPC Data Center. In addition, there are three new Program Areas to use to tag your publication under the Advanced Computing heading: Cloud, HPC and Visualization & Insight Center. Making use of these metadata will enable us to elevate your work through communications highlights, feature stories, and reporting to EERE.

More information about the NREL Publishing Tracker can be found by visiting the Access and Use the NREL Publishing Tracker page on the Source.