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Read announcements for NREL’s high-performance computing (HPC) system users. 

Performance comparison between Peregrine and Eagle

November 09, 2018

NREL’s new Eagle supercomputer has a peak performance of 8 PetaFLOPS, or about 3.5 times that of Peregrine. As has been noted, peak performance doesn’t always translate to actual gains that applications can attain. Continue reading

Eagle Status

November 09, 2018

Eagle has been installed and has passed acceptance testing. Acceptance testing demonstrates the functionality, performance, and stability of a system. NREL now officially owns the hardware. CSC's next step is to customize the system to prepare it for users. Continue reading

New command to monitor allocation use: hours_report

November 09, 2018

Historically, alloc_tracker has been used to monitor node-hour use on Peregrine. A new command, hours_report, replaces alloc_tracker for the 2019 allocation cycle and includes usage from both Peregrine and Eagle. Usage is reported using the new NREL HPC Hour standard. Continue reading

NREL Acquires Powerful New High-Performance Computing System

September 04, 2018

Eagle will be 3.5 times more powerful than current system dedicated to energy research. Continue reading

HPC Support Team is Growing!

August 07, 2018

The HPC Operations team recently hired 3 HPC User Support Technicians: Andrew (Andy) Archer, Michael Bartlett, and Daniel (Dan) Harris. Continue reading

HPC Data Policy Reminder

June 06, 2018

NREL HPC resources are operated as research systems and may only be used to access and store data related to research. Continue reading


June 06, 2018

Data Analysis and Visualization (DAV) nodes running CentOS 7 are available with a new visualization tool FastX which replaces TurboVNC. Instructions for using FastX are available on the HPC website. Continue reading

Password Reset Tool now available

June 06, 2018

HPC Operations has released a web-based tool to assist with HPC account password resets. Continue reading