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Read announcements for NREL’s high-performance computing (HPC) system users. 

FY22 NREL HPC Annual Call for Allocation Requests

May 7, 2021

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) provides High Performance Computing and related capabilities to support the mission of the Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy (EERE). Research and development projects that are funded by EERE Offices or aligned with the EERE mission are eligible to utilize these resources. ​ Continue reading

Advanced Jupyter workshop (10am May 13th, 2021)

May 7, 2021

Beyond the basics. This advanced Jupyter workshop will survey topics which enable you to get more out of your interactive notebooks. It will build on the recent Intro to Jupyter workshop and introduce additional Magic commands. Interacting with Slurm from a notebook will also be covered, and how this can be used to achieve multi-node parallelism. Additional topics include utilizing GPUs from a notebook, and parameterized notebook execution with Papermill. Continue reading

Slurm Fairshare Refresher

May 7, 2021

FY21 saw the introduction of the "fairshare" priority algorithm in Eagle's job scheduler, Slurm. Queue times have been high during the Q2-Q3 rush and we've received some questions, so here's a quick refresher on Fairshare and what it means in regards to job scheduling. Continue reading

Queue Times

May 7, 2021

The allocation year transitioned from Q2 to Q3 on April 1st. The job queue leading up to the end of Q2 saw a very large spike in jobs submitted, and queue depth (job wait time) rose accordingly. A few projects saw some effect of fairshare, but much of the pressure came from over a third of all jobs being submitted as qos=high. Because of the large surge in jobs submitted, interactions with fairshare and a few projects that have used up their allocation we have been analyzing the scheduling algorithms. Based on some recommendations from SchedMD and internal analysis we have made a few adjustments to the slurm configuration. Those changes thus far appear to have alleviated some of the pressure on the queues as well as a reduction in the number of jobs submitted with qos=high. Continue reading

Eagle File System Usage

April 8, 2021

The Lustre file systems that hosts /projects and /scratch works most efficiently when it is under 80% full. Please do your part to keep the file system under 80% by cleaning up your /projects and /scratch spaces. Continue reading

FY22 Cloud Allocation Process and Website

April 8, 2021

HPC and Cloud are both supported by Advanced Computing Operations (ACO) in the Computational Sciences Center.  We are aligning the request process for both computing and cloud resources. Continue reading

Fiscal Year 2021 Quarterly Allocation Reductions

March 3, 2021

You may have noticed that NREL did not make any reductions to allocations that were under-using their AUs during Q1.   This is for two reasons.   First, we were in the process of putting together a new, more transparent, fairer allocation reduction policy.  Second, we are aware that many users were inconvenienced by the fact that allocation decisions were issued on October 1.
We realize allocation reductions for low use are not popular with our users.  However, they are physically necessary.   AUs are an “expiring resource.”   If an AU is not used in Q1, it cannot be stored and saved for use in Q4.   Because of this, we have to remove some percentage of the unused AUs every quarter.  Otherwise we can hit a situation where we have many more AUs available to users than the machine can physically provide as the year progresses.   This creates long queue times that make Eagle physically unusable.
Our new allocation policy is given below.   We had an informal discussion with users across multiple centers before designing this policy.  Users emphasized the need for a policy to be clear enough so they could see what they might lose at the end of the quarter.   Users have also increasingly requested allocations that had different usages in different quarters to deal with their project needs, and we wanted a policy that treated these fairly. Continue reading

Elevate your work with new tracking for Advanced Computing in the NREL Publishing Tracker

March 3, 2021

There is a new question on the User Facilities & Program Areas page when you enter a publication into the Pub Tracker – “The High Performance Computing Facility was used to produce results or data used in this publication.” Please be sure to check Yes on this question for your work that made use of the HPC User Facility or other systems in the ESIF HPC Data Center. In addition, there are three new Program Areas to use to tag your publication under the Advanced Computing heading: Cloud, HPC and Visualization & Insight Center. Making use of these metadata will enable us to elevate your work through communications highlights, feature stories, and reporting to EERE.

More information about the NREL Publishing Tracker can be found by visiting the Access and Use the NREL Publishing Tracker page on the Source.

Continue reading

Jupyterhub Documentation

Feb. 1, 2021

We have written up a how-to guide for using the Europa Jupyterhub server, including setting up custom Python, Julia, and R kernels and interacting with Eagle. See for more. Continue reading