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Find contact information and biographies for NREL grid modernization research staff.

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Photo of Ben Kroposki

Ben Kroposki

Director - Power Systems Engineering Center

Ben Kroposki is the director of the Power Systems Engineering Center, where he leads NREL's strategic research in the design, planning, and operations of electrical power systems.

Photo of Jaquelin Cochran

Jaquelin Cochran

Director, Grid Planning and Analysis Center

Jaquelin Cochran is the Director for NREL's Grid Planning and Analysis Center.

Name Position Email Phone
Abraham, Sherin Ann Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7326
Agalgaonkar, Yashodhan Senior Researcher 303-275-4977
Anwar, Bashar Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-630-5384
Awara, Sarah Researcher II-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6454
Baggu, Murali Laboratory Program Manager - Grid Integration 303-275-4337
Barlas, Anne Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-630-5932
Barnett, John Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7469
Barrows, Clayton Group Manager & Senior Researcher 303-275-3921
Bernstein, Andrey Group Research Manager III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3912
Blonsky, Michael Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3192
Bowen, Thomas Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-3740
Brinkman, Gregory Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-384-7390
Brown, Patrick Researcher IV - Model Engineering 303-630-5428
Cavraro, Guido Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7312
Chang, Chin-Yao Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-3912
Chernyakhovskiy, Ilya Senior Model Engineer 303-275-4306
Cochran, Jaquelin Director, Grid Planning and Analysis Center 303-275-3766
Cohen, Stuart Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-275-4369
Cole, Wesley Researcher V-Model Engineering 720-391-4897
Comden, Joshua Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6532
Corbus, David Program Manager VI-Research 303-384-6966
Dalvi, Sourabh Researcher III-Operations Research Analysis 303-275-3609
De Silva M, Thushara Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-630-5481
Denholm, Paul Senior Research Fellow I-Model Engineering 303-384-7488
Dhulipala, Surya Chandan Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3127
Ding, Fei Group Research Manager II-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4590
Dong, Shuan Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6177
Duwadi, Kapil Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3811
Elgindy, Tarek Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7089
Feng, Cong Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3654
Frew, Bethany Group Manager II-Model Engineering 303-275-3819
Gagnon, Pieter Senior Energy Systems Researcher 303-275-4910
Ghosh, Shibani Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-3190
Guerra Fernandez, Omar Jose Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3895
Guo, Nongchao Researcher III-Economic/Financial Analysis 303-384-7246
Hale, Elaine Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7812
Hamilton, Anne Researcher II-Model Engineering
Ho, Jonathan Energy System Modeling Engineer 202-488-2231
Hodge, Bri-Mathias Researcher VI-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6981
Hoke, Andy Principal Engineer 303-275-4416
Ingram, Michael Chief Engineer, Sensing and Predictive Analytics 303-275-3231
Inskeep, Sarah Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-275-3690
Jorgenson, Jennie Researcher IV NEX-Model Engineering 303-275-3103
Keen, Jeremy Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-275-4875
Kiboma, Lawryn Postdoctoral Researcher-Power Engineering 303-630-5580
Krishnamoorthy, Gayathri Researcher II-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7783
Kroposki, Ben Director - Power Systems Engineering Center 303-275-2979
Latif, Aadil Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4680
Lavin, Luke Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-630-5383
Lyon, Rachel Project Manager II-Research Support 303-630-5967
Mai, Trieu Researcher VI-Model Engineering 303-384-7566
McDevitt, Miranda Professional II-Project Controller 303-275-4093
McIlmoil, Rory Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-384-6893
McKenna, Killian Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7923
McKinsey, Joseph Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-275-4108
Nagarajan, Adarsh Group Research Manager II-Systems Engineering 303-275-4585
Palchak, David Manager and Research Engineer 303-384-7456
Palmintier, Bryan Group Manager and Principal Engineer 303-275-3926
Panossian, Nadia Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4187
Park, Ben Building Science Research Engineer 303-275-3285
Poolla, Bala Kameshwar Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4681
Prasanna, Ashreeta Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-275-3882
Ramirez Arbelaez, Lina Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6440
Rose, Amy Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3182
Schwarz, Marty Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-275-4482
Sedzro, Kwami Senam Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3214
Seo, Gab-Su Senior Electrical Engineer 303-275-4648
Sergi, Brian Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-275-3288
Simeone, Christina Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-630-5894
Stephen, Gord Grid Systems Research Engineer 303-384-7317
Streitmatter, Lauren Researcher I-Model Engineering 303-275-4993
Tan, Jin Researcher V-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3741
Thom, Daniel Researcher IV-Data Science 303-384-7368
Turan, Merve Postdoctoral Researcher-Finance/Economics
Wang, Wenbo Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7189
White, Jonathan Director Energy Security and Resilience Program Office 303-384-7433
Wijekoon, Randika Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-630-5601
Wright, Jarrad Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-275-4054
Zhang, Flora Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-275-3055
Zhang, Jiazi Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7420
Zhou, Xinyang Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4791