Reliability Test System–Grid Modernization Lab Consortium

The Reliability Test System–Grid Modernization Lab Consortium is a modernized, medium-scale test data set with many features of modern electric power systems.

Three layers of maps labeled (top) Node Network, (middle) Wind Resource, and (bottom) Solar Resource.

The development and testing of controls, analytics, and optimization require tangible, accessible data that exhibit realistic phenomena. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Reliability Test System has many desirable features. This updated version introduces a generation mix that is more representative of modern power systems by removing several nuclear- and oil-based generating units and adding natural gas, wind, solar photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, and energy storage.

The update also assigns the test system a geographic location in the southwestern United States to enable the integration of spatio-temporally consistent wind, solar, and load data with forecasts. Additional updates include common reliability test system transmission modifications in published literature, definitions for reserve product requirements, and market simulation descriptions to enable benchmarking of multiperiod power system scheduling problems.

The dataset is hosted in a GitHub repository to facilitate community involvement, document issues, and allow updates and version control.

Reliability Test System–Grid Modernization Lab Consortium



The IEEE Reliability Test System: A Proposed 2019 Update, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2020)


Clayton Barrows

Senior Research Engineer