PyDSS is a high-level Python package that is a wrapper for OpenDSS (distribution system simulator) and expands on its organizational, analytical, and visualization capabilities.

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PyDSS GitHub Repository.

PyDSS simplifies cosimulation framework integration and allows users to develop custom control algorithms and embed them into the simulation environment. PyDSS makes use of to provide a high-level Python interface for OpenDSS. PyDSS also provides extension modules to facilitate Monte Carlo studies in distribution system domain and automated post-processing of results. Flexible architecture makes PyDSS customizable and easily extendible.


  • Allows users to develop custom controls and modules
  • Built-in HELICS interface enables quick cosimulation setup without writing a single line of code
  • Follows a project/scenario structure that allows comparison of results across cases
  • Profile and export managers support multiple interfaces (e.g., CSV, HDF5, Arrow, SQL, and MongoDB)
  • Enables creation of dynamic plots that can be easily extended by users
  • Generates user-defined reports
  • Offers multiple robust user interfaces (e.g., command line, Python, and RESTful API)


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Aadil Latif

Senior Engineer