Suggested Reading

Suggested reading lists are available for stakeholders with roles in implementing Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard 1547-2018.

The revised standard contains 11 chapters (clauses) and 8 annexes that comprise 136 pages. The revision is significantly different from the 2003 version, and it contains new concepts and new technical requirements. Each clause specifies information or requirements that apply to certain aspects important to the interconnection of distributed energy resources to the electric power system. Implementing the requirements necessitates a careful study of the underlying technical concept and requires the appropriate information to calculate relevant settings and configurations.

Suggested Reading Lists

Authorities Governing Interconnection Requirements

Electric Power System Operators

Portions of the standard are directed toward a specific audience that must possess specialized information and technical training to use and apply the requirements. These suggested lists of references provide an initial knowledge base of information to help stakeholders wishing to implement the standard.

Full List of Publications

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