Grid Code Essentials and Streamlining Process for Interconnections

This page highlights a presentation to a USAID webinar titled: A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Solar Rooftop Programs and Navigating Net-Metering Policies.


Essentials and Process for Interconnections (Ingram 2020)
The presentation was given by Michael Ingram, chief engineer at NREL, at a USAID Clean Power Asia webinar on July 15, 2020.

Intended Audiences

  • Utility engineers
  • State regulators
  • Policy makers
  • Energy offices
  • Distributed energy resource (DER) developers

Topics Discussed

Topics Details
Overview of grid codes

Slide 2: What are grid codes?

Slide 4: Considerations for grid codes to manage DER

Slides 5-6: Common elements: German grid codes (BDEW and VDE 4105) and IEEE Std 1547-2018

Interconnection maturity model Slide 8: Approaches at various DER penetration levels
Interconnection procedures

Slides 9-11: Process, context, and stakeholders

Slides 13-14: Principal roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders

Utility objectives

Slides 15-16: Distribution system objectives and supporting DER capabilities

Slides 17-19: Bulk power system objectives and supporting DER capabilities

Interconnection process life cycle Slides 21-22: Maintaining and streamlining interconnection processes and procedure