This site features educational materials on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard 1547-2018 (IEEE Std 1547-2018) for interconnection and interoperability of distributed energy resources. The educational materials are for utilities, states, solar developers, transmission operators, regulators, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

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Educational Materials

NREL has compiled a list of publicly available educational resources to aid stakeholders in the successful adoption and implementation of the standard.  The resources include introductory presentations and white papers written by industry practitioners as well more topic-specific NREL technical reports focusing on requirements in the standard.

Knowledge Gaps Analysis

In March 2019, NREL issued a request for information to identify knowledge gaps on implementing IEEE Std 1547-2018. Responses to the request for information are being used to help identify key priority areas, which will inform the development of new educational material. We encourage you to support this effort by providing your input to the latest Knowledge Gaps Analysis. If you notice any gaps we haven't identified, please provide your own feedback by taking our survey (available in English and Spanish).

Featured Resource

A Primer on the Unintentional Islanding Protection Requirement

IEEE Std. 1547-2018 states requirements for unintentional islanding in only half a page; however, this topic has historically been and continues to be of high concern and debate in the industry. This report provides an overview of the subject to equip the reader with a general awareness of the technical requirements that all IEEE Std. 1547-2018 compliant distributed energy resources must meet and methods used to mitigate common issues and concerns.

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