Geospatial Data Science Applications and Visualizations

NREL researchers harness the power of geospatial data science to develop innovative energy applications and visualizations.

Photo of researchers discussing a resource map displayed on a computer monitor.

Since before the time of Google Maps, NREL has used the internet to allow stakeholders to view and interact with geospatial data. More recently, we have developed a robust framework called OpenCarto for building interactive geospatial web applications. The OpenCarto framework supports more than 20 actively developed tools and allows applications to leverage existing modules of code to implement shared features, data, and analysis tools. From the RE Atlas, which allows exploration of renewable resource data, to tailored applications such as RED-E India, a core capability of NREL's geospatial data science team is enabling others to do their own geospatial analysis.

In addition, NREL geospatial data science uses a deep bench of cartography skills to build world-recognized resource maps. Throughout NREL and around the world, these maps drive understanding. For examples, see our collection of key maps.

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