Research and Operations Staff

The Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) research team and operations staff are listed below.

ESIF Operations

Photo of Greg Martin

Greg Martin

Group Research Manager, Electrical Engineering

Greg Martin oversees the work being done around microgrids, hydrogen systems, and grid technology integration and plays an integral role in ESIF operations.

High-Performance Computing Operations

Photo of Dr. Ray Grout

Ray Grout

Center Director

Ray Grout oversees efforts in advanced computing operations, data analytics, visualization, and computational-oriented technical research and development across NREL's mission. He also serves as a point of contact for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Advanced Scientific Computing Research program.

Photo of Dr. Kristin Munch

Kristin Munch

Group Manager, Data Science

Kristin Munch oversees work in data, analysis, and advanced visualization at the ESIF. She works across all scientific domains in data-intensive research and development, including advanced data systems design and architecture, distributed analytics, machine learning and data analysis, and laboratory data workflows.

ESIF User Program Staff

Learn more about accessing the ESIF.

Photo of Andrew Hudgins

Andrew Hudgins

Program Manager

Andrew Hudgins focuses on planning and facilitating innovative grid modernization and large-scale, multitechnology systems integration projects with key industry, government, and academic partners. He also manages the ESIF User Program.

Photo of Heather Newell

Heather Newell

Project Manager, User Program

Heather Newell is responsible for managing tours and coordinating access to the ESIF laboratories for both internal and external ESIF users and managing external partner relations.


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