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Research Staff

NREL's Energy Systems Integration directorate includes the Power Systems Engineering Center, Computational Science Center, Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Resilience Center, and Energy Systems Integration Facility operations staff.

Photo of Juan Torres

Juan Torres

Associate Lab Director, Energy Systems Integration

Juan Torres oversees NREL’s global initiative to optimize links between electricity, fuel, thermal, water, and communication networks in order to develop and demonstrate new technologies to modernize the grid and improve its security and resilience. Prior to joining NREL, Torres served as a longtime employee of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories as an electrical engineer, in several management positions, and most recently as deputy to the vice president for energy and climate programs. At Sandia, Torres led efforts in cybersecurity, guided investments in advanced energy research, and the security and resilience team under the DOE’s multi-lab effort to modernize the nation’s electrical grid. | 303-275-3094 

ESI Research Operations Director Chad Blake

Chad Blake

Energy Systems Integration Research Operations Director

Chad Blake provides strategic vision and leads the execution of science and technology research operations for the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), ensuring the safe, efficient, and effective conduct of research in grid modernization and energy systems integration. Since joining NREL in 2007, Blake has worked as a senior research project leader and served as ESIF operations manager for five years, providing technical and operational expertise to manage the daily operations of the ESIF's state-of-the-art research laboratories. | 303-275-3773 

Photo of Steve Hammond

Steve Hammond

Center Director, Computational Science

Steve Hammond develops and leads laboratory-wide efforts in high-performance computing and energy-efficient data centers. He initiates and oversees innovative research programs in computational science, mathematics, and scientific computing in support of NREL's DOE-based mission. This includes utilizing modeling and simulation to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and leading NREL's efforts in energy-efficient data centers. | 303-275-4121

Photo of Ben Kroposki

Ben Kroposki

Center Director, Power Systems Engineering

Dr. Ben Kroposki leads strategic research in the design, planning, and operations of electrical power systems. His expertise is in the design, testing, and integration of renewable and distributed power systems, and he has authored more than 100 publications in these areas. | 303-275-2979

Martha Symko-Davies

Laboratory Program Manager, Energy Systems Integration

Dr. Martha Symko-Davies provides technical leadership, oversees program development and direction for the ESIF and ESI directorate, and guarantees high-quality technical output from NREL's ESI activities by accessing the most appropriate array of research and development, analysis, and market transformation capabilities within NREL. | 303-384-6528

Adam Warren

Director — Integrated Applications Center

Dr. Adam Warren leads research addressing the technical, policy, and financial hurdles to developing resilient, advanced energy technologies at scale. His work helps government agencies, utilities, communities, and corporations meet ambitious clean energy goals while informing the direction of technology and policy research at NREL. | 303-275-4346