Research Areas

The Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) focuses on areas of research that are centered on emerging energy systems and the links among them—how they can integrate with and adapt to modern systems.

Photo of three people at a desk listening to a presentation from a man standing in front of a wall of computer screens. On the screens are visualizations of NREL's cybersecurity capabilities and data.

At the ESIF, we're looking ahead. We see a grid without siloes, a diverse energy environment, a power system that is efficient and economic, and a path to get there. We're validating new ideas and helping our partners realize their ambitious energy targets.

Project Spotlights

Learn about projects at the ESIF that are accelerating innovation across industry.

From energy storage to hydrogen systems and grid-integrated buildings, the ESIF is committed to transforming science and research every day. Eight focus areas are integral to this commitment:


Jerry Davis

Laboratory Program Manager