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Read up on NREL's research at the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF).

Energy Systems Integration News

A monthly recap of the latest happenings at the ESIF and developments in energy systems integration research at the lab and around the world.

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Recent Journal Articles

Real-Time Identifiability of Power Distribution Network Topologies With Limited MonitoringIEEE Control Systems Letters
A Fast All-sky Radiation Model for Solar Applications with Narrowband Irradiances on Tilted surfaces (FARMS-NIT): Part II. The Cloudy-Sky ModelElsevier: Solar Energy
Toward a Subhourly Net Zero Energy District Design Through Integrated Building and Distribution System Modeling, AIP Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Distributionally Robust Chance Contrained and Interval Optimization for Integrated Electricity and Natural Gas Systems Optimal Power Flow With Wind Uncertainties, Elsevier: Applied Energy
Online Optimization as a Feedback Controller: Stability and TrackingIEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems

Recent Technical Reports

A Comparison of Fuel Choice for Backup Generators

An Overview of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection: Current Practices and Emerging Soluitions

Reducing PV Performance Uncertainty by Accurately Quantifying the PV Resource
NIST Transactive EnergyModeling and Simulation Challenge Phase II Final Report, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Highly Accurate Method for Real-Time Active Power Reserve Estimation for Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants

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