Work With Us

The interaction of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with industrial, university, and government partners is the key to moving advanced concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies into the marketplace and the U.S. economy. We provide opportunities to use our facilities, develop technology partnerships, and license our technology.

On the NREL campus, South Table Mountain (upper right) provides testing with the High-Flux Solar Furnace and the Outdoor Optical Efficiency Test Loop, and the Field Test Lab (middle) houses the Advanced Optical Materials Labs.

Using Our Facilities

To help advance research and/or strengthen a product's marketability in CSP, several of our facilities or tools are available to industrial, university, and government researchers. We can also provide experienced staff to help conduct testing at the facilities, or you can perform the testing on your own. The NREL facilities include the High-Flux Solar Furnace, Large-Payload Solar Tracker, and the three specialized laboratories at NREL (Advanced Optical Materials Lab, Advanced Thermal Storage Materials Lab, and Optical Characterization Lab. To learn more, contact the CSP Research Staff.

Developing Technology Partnerships

NREL offers a variety of technology partnership agreements to help you gain access to our research expertise in CSP, including our laboratory and modeling and analysis capabilities. You can:

Licensing Our Technology

You can license any available patented CSP technology. For more information, see NREL's technologies available for licensing.