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Current Official Release

SolTrace Version 2012.7.9 is now available. The plug-in for Trimble SketchUp requires SketchUp Version 8 to be loaded on your computer. The current version of the plug-in is SolTrace 0.6. SolTrace and the plug-in are available for both Windows (XP and Windows 7 32-bit) and Mac (OS X 10.6).



  • Monte-Carlo ray-trace code for optical modeling of all types of CSP systems.
  • Utilizes all available processors for significant speed increase over original version.
  • Text-based input can be entered directly, via cut and paste from spreadsheets or via a provided add-in to the Trimble SketchUp graphical interface.
  • The overall geometry can be organized into either physical or virtual Stages; the number of elements per Stage is almost unlimited.
  • A wide range of aperture and surface descriptions are available.
  • Results can be displayed using an embedded graphical visualization tool.
  • A scripting language is included to allow for parametric analyses.

Previous Releases

For reference purposes and for upgrading old geometry files, the original version of SolTrace (Version 01.17.11) is still available for download. Check directly with SolTrace Support for directions. Note that the current version of SolTrace has a provided script for processing old geo files into the latest input format.