Pele Software Suite

The Pele open-source software codes suite simulates and maps how fuel properties affect turbine performance for low Mach and compressible reacting flows.

Photo of igintion kernels developed at .6 ms and expanded over the injection plumes.
A highly reactive diesel fuel (dodecane) is injected into a turbulent methane-air mixture at extremely high pressure inside the compression-ignition combustion chamber above a shaped piston head. After sufficient mixing and heating of the jets, ignition kernels ignite and propagate through the system. Computed by the Pele team with PeleLMeX on Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Crusher computer.

Download Pele Software Codes

The software suite can be accessed via a GitHub repo.

Simulating Combustion Applications Through Pele

Pele software has contributed to these projects:

  • Compressible and low mach premixed flames
  • Turbulent diffusion flames
  • Multi-brachial flames
  • Electric-field assisted combustion
  • Uncertainty quantification, model fitting, and parameter Estimation
  • Discretizations and multiphysics coupling
  • Wildfires and pool fires
  • Machine learning in combustion simulation and analysis.


Marc Day

Group Manager III, Computational Science