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Research Staff

Research staff members in NREL’s Chemistry and Nanoscience Center are aligned within three groups: Molecular and Catalysis Science, Spectroscopy and Photoscience, and Electrochemical Engineering and Materials Chemistry.

For lead researcher contacts, see our research areas. For our business contact, see Work With Us.

Photo of Jao Vandelagemaat.

Jao  Van De Lagemaat

Center Director: Chemistry and Nanoscience

In addition to his position at NREL, Dr. van de Lagemaat is also a fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute as well as a fellow of the Materials Science and Engineering Program, both at the University of Colorado at Boulder. | 303-384-6143

Photo of Jeffrey Blackburn

Jeffrey  Blackburn

Manager III-Technical

Dr. Blackburn is a Senior Scientist and Group Manager at NREL, leading projects on a variety of fundamental and applied research topics. His work focuses on low-dimensional carbon and includes the synthesis, purification, separation, and characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene. | 303-384-6649

Name Position Email Phone        
Arias, Dylan Postdoctoral Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6770
Ban, Chunmei Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-6504
Beard, Matt Scientist VI-Multi Discipline 303-384-6781
Bender, Guido Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-3810
Blackburn, Jeffrey Manager III-Technical 303-384-6649
Braunecker, Wade Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-7616
Christians, Jeffrey Contingent Worker 303-384-6149
Deutsch, Todd Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-3727
Dimitrievska, Mirjana Postdoctoral Researcher I-Material Science
Dinh, Huyen Senior Scientist & H2 Production Lead 303-275-3605
Djire, Abdoulaye Postdoctoral Researcher II-Chemistry 303--384-6409
Dunklin, Jeremy Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-384-7924
Engtrakul, Chaiwat Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-6646
Ferguson, Andrew Senior Scientist 303-384-6637
Fluegel, Brian Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6437
France, Ryan Staff Scientist 303-384-6441
Gaulding, Ashley Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-384-6686
Han, Sang-Don Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7815
Johnson, Justin Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6190
Kang, Albert Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-384-6667
Kocha, Shyam Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-275-3284
Kroupa, Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-384-6691
Kuciauskas, Darius Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6572
Larson, Bryon Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6449
Link, Elisa Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6777
Luther, Joey Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-6497
Marius, Noemi Postdoctoral Researcher III-Physics 303-384-6465
Mauger, Scott Scientist - Chemical Engineering 303-384-7371
Osmieri, Luigi Postdoctoral Researcher II-Chemistry 303-275-3861
Park, Andrew Postdoctoral Researcher II-Material Science 303-275-3848
Reid, Obadiah Contingent Worker 303-384-6588
Rupnowski, Peter Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7953
Tremolet de Villers, Bertrand Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-4138
Ulsh, Michael Manufacturing R&D Project Lead 303-275-3842
Van De Lagemaat, Jao Center Director: Chemistry and Nanoscience 303-384-6143
Wheeler, Lance Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6487
Yang, Mengjin Postdoctoral Researcher III-Material Science 303-384-7888
Yang, Ye Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6459
Yoon, Taeho Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-275-4906
Young, James Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-275-4456
Zhang, Hanyu Postdoctoral Researcher I-Chemistry 303-384-6283
Zhu, Kai Senior Scientist 303-384-6353