Research Staff

Research staff members in NREL’s Chemistry and Nanoscience Center are aligned within five groups: Cell and Module Performance; Electrochemical Engineering and Materials Chemistry; High Efficiency Crystalline PV; Molecular and Catalysis Science; and Spectroscopy and Photoscience.

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Photo of Jao Vandelagemaat.

Jao Van De Lagemaat

Center Director II-Technical

In addition to his position at NREL, van de Lagemaat is a fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute as well as a fellow of the Materials Science and Engineering Program, both at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Huyen Dinh

Huyen Dinh

Group Research Manager III-Chemical Engineering

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson

Group Manager: Spectroscopy & Photoscience

Photo of Emily Warren.

Emily Warren

Group Research Manager II-Materials Science

Photo of Nathan Neale

Nathan Neale

Senior Scientist and Group Manager - Interfacial Materials Chemistry

Bryan Pivovar

Bryan Pivovar

Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science

Bryan Pivovar is a senior research fellow and fuel cell group manager in the Chemistry and Nanosciences Center at NREL. He oversees NREL’s electrolysis and fuel cell research and development activities.

Laura Schelhas

Laura Schelhas

Group Research Manager III-Chemistry

Name Position Email Phone
Alia, Shaun Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3748
Aubry, Taylor Researcher II-Computational Science 303-384-6608
Baez-Cotto, Carlos Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7294
Beard, Matt Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-384-6781
Bender, Guido Researcher VI-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3810
Blackburn, Jeffrey Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6649
Blair, Sarah Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry
Braunecker, Wade Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7616
Carroll, Mike Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7896
Cordell, Jacob Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-275-4384
Davis, Melissa Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science
Deutsch, Todd Researcher V-Chemistry 303-275-3727
Dinh, Huyen Group Research Manager III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3605
Dong, Yifan Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-6442
Engtrakul, Chaiwat Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6646
Enriquez, Angelica Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-384-7717
Ferguson, Andrew Group Manager: Spectroscopy & Photoscience 303-384-6637
France, Ryan Staff Scientist 303-384-6441
Friedman, Daniel Researcher 303-384-6472
Gallon, Josh Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3637
Gaulding, Ashley Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6686
Gennett, Thomas University Professor 303-384-6628
Ghoshal, Debjit Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-6133
Gish, Melissa Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6459
Gorin, Stephen Laboratory Program Manager II-Partnership Development 303-384-6216
Happs, Renee Research Operations Manager I 303-384-7922
Hight-Huf, Nicholas Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science
Howe, Marisa Chief of Staff 303-384-7906
Hu, Leiming Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-4430
Johnson, Justin Researcher VI-Chemistry 303-384-6190
Kataby Shviro, Meital Researcher III-Chemistry 303-630-5137
Khandavalli, Sunilkumar Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7239
Kim, Jae Ho Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-630-5126
Kim, Seul-Gi Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-384-7526
Klein, Ryan Researcher III-Chemistry 303-630-5443
Kreider, Melissa Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-630-5610
Kuciauskas, Darius Researcher V-Chemistry 303-384-6572
Larson, Bryon Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6449
Miller-Link, Elisa Researcher V-Chemistry 303-384-6777
Liu, Chang Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4303
Lubert-Perquel, Daphne Postdoctoral Researcher-Directors Fellowship 303-630-5295
Luther, Joey Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-384-6497
Martin, Trevor Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-3851
Martinez, Marissa Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-275-4779
Mauger, Scott Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7371
Haque, Md Azimul Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5621
Moore, David Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7775
Muerdter, Nick Researcher V-Software Development 303-275-4459
Neale, Nathan Senior Scientist and Group Manager - Interfacial Materials Chemistry 303-384-6165
Nguyen, Minh Duong Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5985
Nozik, Arthur Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6603
Padgett, Elliot Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6105
Palmiotti, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-384-6616
Park, Soyeon Researcher II-Materials Science 303-630-5470
Pivovar, Bryan Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-275-3809
Preimesberger, Juliane Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-630-5096
Reid, Obadiah Research Professor 303-384-6588
Roberts, Dennice Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-7204
Rose, Aaron Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-384-6413
Rumbles, Garry Senior Research Fellow 303-384-6502
Rupnowski, Peter Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-7953
Schelhas, Laura Group Research Manager III-Chemistry 303-275-3722
Schulze, Max Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4813
Song, Tao Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6557
Steiner, Myles Senior Scientist 303-384-7675
Stradins, Pauls Principal Scientist 303-384-6774
Tan, Jeiwan Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science
Taylor, Audrey Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-4829
Tremolet de Villers, Bertrand Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-275-4138
Ul Hassan, Noor Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-384-6748
Ulicna, Sona Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-384-7523
Ulsh, Michael Acting Group Manager Process Science and Engineering 303-275-3842
Van Cleve, Tim Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3056
Van De Lagemaat, Jao Center Director II-Technical 303-384-6143
Wheeler, Lance Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-384-6487
Wieliczka, Brian Contingent Worker 303-275-3735
Wilder, Logan Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry 303-275-4837
Wipke, Keith Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM 303-275-4451
Witteck, Robert Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-630-5066
Young, David Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6621
Young, James L. Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-275-4456
Zeng, Yi Postdoctoral Researcher-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4033
Zhu, Kai Researcher VI-Materials Science 303-384-6353
da Costa, Edgard Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science