Chemistry and Nanoscience Research Areas

NREL's chemistry and nanoscience research develops and demonstrates the key enabling science and technology for functional materials and processing for clean energy as well as hydrogen at scale.

NREL’s primary research in chemistry and nanoscience includes the following research areas:

Electrical Energy Storage

Lithium-ion batteries

Radical organic batteries

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Fuel cells

Testing and fabrication

Hydrogen production


Hydrogen storage

HydroGEN Energy Materials Network

ElectroCat Energy Materials Network



High-efficiency crystalline photovoltaics

Organic photovoltaics


Quantum dot solar cells

Dynamic windows

Cell and module performance

Solar Photochemistry

Excitons to charge carrier in molecular and nanoscale systems

Quantum-confined semiconductors

Solar fuels

Manufacturing for Energy Applications

Roll-to-roll manufacturing

Atmospheric processing tool

Quantum and Carbon Nanomaterials

Carbon nanoscience

Thermoelectric materials

Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics

Quantized perovskites

The Chemistry and Nanoscience Center is part of the Materials, Chemical, and Computational Science directorate, led by Associate Laboratory Director Bill Tumas.