Postdoctoral Researchers Available for Hiring and Job Recruitment

Hiring or recruiting highly trained scientists or researchers? To find matches to fill your positions, search and browse NREL's list of current postdoctoral researchers and their expertise.

NREL's postdoctoral opportunities are very competitive, attracting applicants from around the world for a limited number of positions at the only national lab dedicated to advancing clean energy.

Postdoctoral Researchers
Name Research Area Research Experience Doctorate Metadata Biology Chemistry Computational sciences Engineering Materials science Physics
Tran, Phu Thanh Chemical Engineering Water (photo)electrolysis, carbon dioxide reduction, nitrogen oxide reduction, plastic and biomass reforming, in situ Raman and X-ray absorption spectroscopies, and flame spray pyrolysis Engineering CO2, NOx        Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Kumar, Adarsh Chemical Engineering Heterogenous catalysis, catalyst synthesis characterization and evaluation, sustainable aviation fuel, biomass and waste valorization, hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation chemistry, and high-pressure-temperature continuous flow and batch reactors Chemical Science SAF       Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Bayles, Aaron Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous catalysis, nanomaterial synthesis, surface chemistry manipulation, electron microscopy, and spectroscopy Chemistry     Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Komp, Evan Bioengineering Deep learning/artificial intelligence for molecular systems, data science, software engineering, computational chemistry, and protein engineering Chemical Engineering Data Science AI       Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering    
Lee, Minjung Chemistry Plastic recycling technologies, polymer processing, non-isocyanate polyurethanes foams, phase change materials, and carbon sequestration Polymer Science and Engineering NIPU, PCMs   Chemistry   Engineering    
Murphy, Natasha Bioengineering Biocatalytic recycling, biochemistry, biophysics, peptide chemistry, process optimization, and polymers Biochemistry Metadata   Chemistry, Biochemistry   Engineering, Bioengineering    
Bangalore Ashok, Rahul Prasad Chemical Engineering Techno-economic analysis, process simulation, process modeling, process/plant design, and life-cycle assessment Chemical Engineering TEA, LCA       Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Kiani, Daniyal Chemical Engineering—Director's Fellowship Heterogeneous catalysis, reaction kinetics, reaction engineering, operando spectroscopy, DRIFTS, Raman, ultraviolet-visible diffuse reflectance, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy Chemical Engineering UV-VisDR, XAS       Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Pereira, Drew J. Materials Science Battery safety, battery electrode and electrolyte development, modeling electrochemical systems, and separator and current collector development Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering Materials science  
Sagar, Srikrishna Chemistry and Nanoscience Memristors, neuromorphic devices, thin-film transistors, electrical transport analysis, 2D materials, and organic semiconductors Physics TFTs   Chemistry       Physics
O'Donnell, Shaun Materials Science Solid-state synthesis, photocatalysis, magnets, and X-ray diffraction Chemistry     Chemistry     Materials science  
Truong, Thien Chemistry and Nanoscience Silicon solar cells, spectroscopy, 2D materials, metallization, and (photo)electrocatalysis Engineering     Chemistry   Engineering    
Oh, Kiseok Chemistry and Nanoscience Photoelectrochemistry, solar hydrogen production from water, solid-state electrolyte, lithium batteries, and scanning electrochemical microscopy for carbon dioxide reduction Physical Chemistry/Theoretical Chemistry PEC, HER/OER   Chemistry, Physical chemistry        
Carvalho, O. Quinn Materials Science Heterogeneous (photo)electrocatalysis, soft ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron, and absorption spectroscopy Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering Materials science  
Rabade, Salil Materials Science Fracture mechanics, finite element modeling, confocal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, image processing, mechanical characterization, fixture design, thermal engineering, and statistical analysis Mechanical Engineering SEM       Engineering, Mechanical engineering Materials science  
Saenz, Theresa Materials Science Epitaxy, III-V solar cells, semiconductor processing, metalorganic vapour-phase epitaxy , laser ablation, and metallization Materials Science ECCI, X-ray diffraction, cleanroom, electrodeposition, reactive ion etching, photolithography, SEM, MOVPE         Materials science  
Quadir, Shaham Materials Science Photovoltaic absorber and device fabrication, thin-film growth, spectroscopy, and catalysis Physics Photoluminescence, SEM, XRD, XAS, defect analysis, Neutron scattering, CVD, PVD         Materials science Physics
Mahatara, Sharad Materials Science Perovskite oxides interfaces, two-dimensional electron gas, and topological materials Physics Self consistently calculated Hubbard-U, Density Functional theory, thermoelectric materials, interfaces, surfaces, 2DEGs         Materials science Physics
Lott, Hongling Materials Science Semiconductor materials, epitaxial growth, photovoltaics, thin film, quantum dots, and nanowires Materials Science and Engineering Energy, Solar cells, Materials Science, Material Synthesis, Nanomaterials, Thin Film Growth, Ultra High Vacuum system, Engineering Education, PV       Engineering Materials science  
Kluherz, Kyle Chemistry Semiconductor nanomaterials, structure of dopants, X-ray scattering, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray absorption fine structure Chemistry TEM, XRD, pair distribution function, XAFS, Jupyter, Python, GSAS-II, Demeter, Athena, Artemis, nanomaterials synthesis, crystal structure, nanocrystal structure, chiral nanomaterials, optical characterization   Chemistry        
Hassan, Noor Ul Chemistry Polymer electrolyte fuel cells and water electrolyzer, electrode engineering and optimization, and porous transport layers structural design Chemical Engineering Electrochemical performance evaluation, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, SEM/STEM, XRD / XRF, fuel cell / electrolyzer degradation   Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Hasan, Syed Mohammad Najib Materials Science Semiconductor materials, epitaxial growth, thin film, optoelectronics, quantum dots, and nanowires Electrical and Computer Engineering Epitaxy, MBE, thin film, Selective-area epitaxy, SEM, E-beam lithography, Device Processing, PECVD, LPCVD, ALD, Wet chemistry, Metallization, Reactive Ion Etching, AFM, XRD, TEM Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Electroluminescence Spectroscopy, Material characterization, ellipsometry, materials growth, germanium, defects analysis, imaging, x-ray diffraction, nanomaterials       Engineering, Electrical engineering Materials science  
Dugu, Sita Materials Science Thin-film growth, multiferroics, resistive random-access memory, magnetometry, and diffractometry Material Science Ferroelectric, ALD, PLD, ellipsometry, Raman spectroscopy, UV-visible spectroscopy, AFM, PFM, Plasma etching, RRAM         Materials science  
da Costa, Edgard Winter Materials Science III-V solar cells epitaxy, semiconductors, photovoltaics, thin films, and scanning electron microscopy image analysis Electrical Engineering HVPE, MOVPE, ECCI, AFM, SEM, XRD, photoluminescence, chatodoluminescence, spectroscopy, ellipsometry, materials growth, germanium, defects analysis, imaging, x-ray diffraction, nanomaterials, high efficiency, PV       Engineering, Electrical engineering Materials science  
Thodika, Mushir Materials Science Computational materials science, electronic resonances, computational photochemistry, quantum dynamics, and electronic structure method development Chemistry GW theory, magnetic proximity effects   Chemistry     Materials science  
Smeaton, Michelle Materials Science Electron microscopy, in situ characterization, electron energy loss spectroscopy, oxide perovskites, and neuromorphic materials Materials Science and Engineering scanning transmission electron microscopy       Engineering Materials science  
Nguyen, Minh Duong Materials Science Perovskite solar cells, space applications, nanocrystals, patterning, and synthesis Material Chemistry solar cell devices, space applications   Chemistry, Materials chemistry     Materials science  
Hight-Huf Nicholas Materials Science Time-resolved spectroscopy, Kelvin probe force microscopy, 2D materials, polymers, and interfaces Chemistry optoelectronic characterization, nanomaterials, mentorship   Chemistry     Materials science  
Griffin, Kevin Computational Sciences Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, optimization, and machine learning Mechanical Engineering C++, Python, uncertainty quantification, modeling, simulation, multifidelity, CFD     Computational sciences Engineering, Mechanical engineering    
Deak, Nicholas Computational Sciences Computational fluid dynamics, low-temperature plasmas, granular flows, high-performance computing, and numerical methods Aerospace Engineering Reactive chemistry, mechanism reduction, GPU acceleration, C++, CFD, HPC     Computational sciences Engineering    
Davis, Melissa Materials Science Mechanical modeling of perovskite films, in-situ scanning electron microscope imaging, perovskite solar cells, and synthesis Industrial Engineering STEM outreach, mentorship, space applications, SEM       Engineering, Industrial engineering Materials science  
Cline, Peyton Materials Science Density functional theory, Green's functions, computational materials science, nanomaterials, and theoretical modeling Chemical Physics GW theory, unconventional superconductivity, DFT         Materials science Physics
Blair, Sarah Chemistry Non-aqueous lithium-mediated nitrogen reduction, electrochemical nitrate reduction, proton exchange membrane water electrolysis, and mentorship Chemical Engineering in-situ characterization, electrolysis, neutron reflectometry, synchrotron XRD, PEM   Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Alherech, Manar Chemical Engineering Liquid-liquid chromatography, lignin conversion and characterization, and nuclear magnetic resonance Organic Chemistry NMR   Chemistry, Organic chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Aromolaran, Wale Bioengineering Biomass valorization to fuels and chemicals, and bioprocess development Environmental Engineering         Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental engineering    
Athaley, Abhay Chemical Engineering Techno-economic analysis, process modeling, life cycle assessment, market analysis, bioenergy, and sustainability Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering TEA       Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Bell, Elizabeth Bioengineering Biotechnology, biocatalytic recycling, enzyme engineering, and plastic degradation and upcycling Directed Evolution of PET Degrading Enzymes         Engineering, Bioengineering    
Berninghaus, Ashley Bioengineering Anaerobic co-digestion, microbial community analysis, biochemical processes, waste-to-energy, and bioinformatics Environmental Engineering WTE       Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental engineering    
Caglayan, Mustafa Chemical Engineering Heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, and biomass valorization Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Chen, Xiaolin Chemical Engineering Transportation fuels production, cohydroprocessing bio-oil, and upcycling commingled municipal solid waste Mechanical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering    
Chen, Yian Bioengineering Downstream separation for biofuels, membrane-based separation, liquid-liquid extraction, and volatile fatty acid purification using distillation Chemical Engineering VFA       Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering    
Clarke, Ryan Chemistry Polymer chemistry, recyclable thermosets, covalent adaptable networks, blend compatibilization, mixed-waste upcycling, and technology scale-up Materials Chemistry     Chemistry, Materials chemistry        
Curley, Julia Chemical Engineering Homogeneous catalysis, plastic chemical recycling, and sustainable aviation fuels Inorganic Chemistry     Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Dell’Orco, Stefano Chemical Engineering – Director's Fellowship Non-thermal plasma, plasma catalysis, hydrogenation; sustainable aviation fuels, catalytic fast pyrolysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and techno-economic analysis Industrial Engineering CO2, TEA       Engineering, Chemical engineering, Industrial engineering    
Deshpande, Arnav Biochemistry Algal biofuels and biochemicals, metabolic engineering, metabolomics, flux analysis, and multiomic approaches Chemical Engineering     Chemistry, Biochemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Dong, Yifan Materials Science Ultrafast spectroscopy, semiconductor photophysics, charge and energy transfer, charge transport, perovskite, and organic photovoltaics Physical Chemistry PV   Chemistry, Physical chemistry     Materials science  
Egbo, Kingsley Materials Science Ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors, optoelectronic properties, magnetotransport, semiconductor devices, thin-film epitaxy, and materials discovery Physics           Materials science Physics
Eichstaedt, Casey Chemistry Unconventional superconductivity, Wannier orbitals, ab initio theory, spectroscopy, electronic structure, and phonons Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics     Chemistry       Physics
Epps, Robert Materials Science Automation, machine learning, data science, perovskites, and chemistry Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering Materials science  
Febba, Davi Materials Science Autonomous experimentation, sputtering, machine learning, instrumentation, data science, automation, electrical characterization, and solar cells Electrical Engineering         Engineering, Electrical engineering Materials science  
Fulk, Emm Bioengineering Metabolic engineering for production of fuels and chemicals, upgrading C1 compounds to metabolic products, and development of genetic tools for industrially relevant microorganisms Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology   Biology     Engineering, Bioengineering    
Ghoshal, Debjit Materials Science 2D materials, optoelectronics, epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition, and thin films Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering Materials science  
Haque, Md Azimul Materials Science Halide perovskite, charge transport, optoelectronics, thermoelectrics, and materials discovery Materials Science and Engineering         Engineering Materials science  
Hill, Alex Chemistry Heterogeneous catalysis, renewable energy, carbon capture and conversion, transmission electron microscopy, material characterization, and reaction engineering Chemical Engineering     Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Jeong-Potter, Chae Chemical Engineering –Director's Fellowship Reactive carbon capture, carbon dioxide upgrading, renewable energy integration in carbon capture and carbon upgrading schemes, and alkali-based carbon capture Earth and Environmental Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering, Environmental engineering    
Kim, Seul-Gi Chemistry Perovskite, interface engineering, stability, and hysteresis Chemical Engineering     Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Kreider, Melissa Chemical Engineering Electrocatalysis, materials characterization, materials synthesis, and anion exchange membrane water electrolysis Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Leahy, Ian Materials Science Topological semimetals, electrical transport, thermoelectrics, spintronics, and materials characterization Physics           Materials science Physics
Lubert-Perquel, Daphné Materials Science – Director's Fellowship Quantum information science, spintronics, thin films, molecular compounds, and 2D materials Materials Science           Materials science  
Martinez, Marissa Materials Science Quantum dot synthesis, quantum dot thin films, ligand exchange, femtosecond spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Materials Chemistry     Chemistry, Materials chemistry     Materials science  
McGott, Deborah Materials Science Thin-film photovoltaics, cadmium telluride, surface passivation, physical vapor deposition techniques, and time-resolved photoluminescence Materials Science PV, CdTe         Materials science  
Palacios, Alejandra Hermosilla Materials Science Ultrafast sepectroscopy, charge delocalization and transport, transition metal dichalcogenides, and single-walled carbon nanotubes Physical Chemistry     Chemistry, Physical chemistry     Materials science  
Paul, Goutam Materials Science Scanning probe microscopy, device physics, and photovoltaics Physics PV         Materials science Physics
Preimesberger, Juliane Chemistry Lithium batteries, materials characterization, mechanical energy harvesters, neutron diffraction Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Li-ion   Chemistry   Engineering, Mechanical engineering Materials science  
Puente-Urbina, Allen Chemical Engineering Biomass conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, thermochemical processing, and instrumental analysis Chemistry     Chemistry   Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Rom, Chris Materials Science Solid-state batteries, solid-state synthesis, and X-ray diffraction Chemistry nitrides, semiconductors, XRD   Chemistry     Materials science  
Rosetto, Gloria Chemistry Polymer chemistry, biomass valorization, and plastic recycling Inorganic Chemistry     Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry        
Schaefer, Stephen Materials Science Emerging materials discovery and synthesis, ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors for power conversion, and novel ternary metal nitrides Electrical Engineering         Engineering, Electrical engineering Materials science  
Schichtl, Zebulon Materials Science Photoelectrochemistry, carbon dioxide reduction, electrocatalysis, water splitting, and alternative oxidation reactions Chemistry CO2   Chemistry     Materials science  
Selvidge, Jennifer Materials Science Photovoltaics, thermophotovoltaics, and epitaxial integration Materials PV         Materials science  
Swart, Reuben Bioengineering Biological carbon capture, bioprocessing and process optimization, process modeling, metabolic modeling, and metabolic flux analysis Chemical Engineering         Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical engineering    
Tan, Jeiwan Materials Science Photoelectrochemistry, solar energy, water splitting, and carbon dioxide reduction Materials Science and Engineering CO2       Engineering Materials science  
Tancin, Ryan Chemical Engineering Ultrafast spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy, lithium-ion batteries, laser processing, and fluid dynamics Aeronautics and Astronautics Li-ion       Engineering, Chemical engineering    
Toporek, Yael Biology Molecular microbiology, microbial C1 carbon capture and conversion, genetic tool development for non-model microbes, and microbial anaerobic respiration Biology   Biology          
Uličná, Soňa Chemistry Photovoltaics, reliability, glass/glass modules, polymer characterization, and perovskites Electrical Engineering PV   Chemistry   Engineering, Electrical engineering    
Vansuch, Gregory Chemistry –Director's Fellowship Physical-(bio)inorganic chemistry, infrared spectroscopy, photochemistry, EPR spectroscopy, core/shell nanoparticles, electrochemistry, electrochemistry, proton transfer, and electron bifurcation Chemistry     Chemistry        
Wilder, Logan Chemistry Nanomaterials, electrochemistry, catalysis, microfluidics, and materials Chemistry     Chemistry        
Wiley, Seth Biochemistry Bioinorganic chemistry, anaerobic enzymology, infrared and visible spectroscopy, electron transfer and bifurcation, redox chemistry, transient absorbance, and electrochemistry Chemical Biology EPR Biology Chemistry, Biochemistry        
Wilkes, Rebecca Bioengineering Synthetic biology tools for optimized production of value-added products, multi-omics analyses of bacterial metabolic pathways, and lignin and waste valorization Biological and Environmental Engineering         Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental engineering    
Witteck, Robert Materials Science Solar cells, solar modules, photovoltaics, optoelectronic devices, and solid-state physics Physics PV         Materials science Physics
Yazawa, Kei Materials Science Thin films, ferroelectrics/piezoelectrics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, and imaging devices Materials Engineering         Engineering, Materials engineering Materials science