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Research Staff

Photo of Roderick Jackson

Roderick  Jackson

Laboratory Program Manager II-Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Roderick Jackson is the laboratory program manager for buildings-related research at NREL. He works closely with senior laboratory management to set the strategic agenda for NREL's buildings portfolio, including all research, development, and market implementation activities, which aim to improve the energy efficiency of building materials and practices. | 303-275-4809

Photo of Chuck Kutscher

Chuck  Kutscher

Center Director, Buildings and Thermal Systems

Dr. Kutscher has led research in solar heating and cooling, building energy efficiency, solar industrial process heat, geothermal power, and concentrating solar power. He is an American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Fellow and served as the ASES Chair in 2000–2001. He is editor of the 200-page ASES report, Tackling Climate Change in the U.S., which details how energy efficiency and six renewable energy technologies can greatly reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 2030. He has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines. | 303-384-7521

Photo of Bill Livingood

Bill  Livingood

Group Manager, Commercial Buildings

Bill is an expert in building energy analysis, computational thermal analysis, and data acquisition and an inventor on three patents for power generation technologies. As manager of the commercial buildings research team, he oversees the development of next generation simulation capabilities and guidance documents such as the Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDG) that provide building- and U.S. climate zone-specific design recommendations. | 303-384-7490

Photo of David Roberts

Dave  Roberts

Group Manager III-Mechanical Engineering

David joined NREL in 2008. David is the Residential Buildings Research Group Manager. He supports DOE research activities including the Building America program. David has been working in the area of energy efficiency in buildings since 1989 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado. He has expertise in building science, building energy simulation, and software development. Prior to joining NREL, David worked for Architectural Energy Corporation, where he led energy simulation and software development projects, and served as product manager for the REM/Rate™ home energy rating software. | 303-384-7496

Name Position Email Phone        
Balamurugan, Sivasathya Pradha Researcher II-Software Engineering 303-275-3883
Ball, Brian Engineering 303-275-4569
Benne, Kyle Researcher IV-Software Engineering 303-275-4603
Bernal Heredia, Willy Electrical and Mechanical Engineer 303-384-7404
Bonnema, Eric Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6185
Booten, Chuck Senior Engineer 303-275-3167
Brackney, Larry Researcher V-Data Science 303-384-7443
Christensen, Craig Principal Engineer 303-384-7510
Christensen, Dane Manager, Residential Systems Innovation & Performance 303-384-7437
Colgan, Chris Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-384-7440
Deru, Michael Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7503
Earle, Lieko Senior Research Engineer 303-275-4355
Faramarzi, Ramin Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering
Field-Macumber, Kristin Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7376
Fleming, Katherine Database and Web Applications Engineer 303-275-4331
Frank, Steve Senior Systems Engineer 303-275-4249
Gentile Polese, Luigi Lead, Controls and Advanced Analytics 303-275-4362
Goldwasser, David Researcher IV-Software Engineering 303-275-3785
Guglielmetti, Rob Researcher III-Software Engineering 303-275-4319
Harris, Chioke Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-275-3904
Henze, Gregor Contingent Worker 303-384-6408
Horowitz, Scott Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7560
Horsey, Ry Software Developer - Commercial Buildings Energy Modeling 303-275-4919
Jackson, Roderick Laboratory Program Manager II-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4809
Jin, Xin Controls Engineer 303-275-4360
Kozubal, Eric Sr. Mechanical Engineer 303-384-6155
Kung, Tau Commercial Buildings Research Engineer 303-275-4357
Kutscher, Chuck Center Director, Buildings and Thermal Systems 303-384-7521
Langner, Rois Commercial Buildings Research Engineer 303-275-4329
Lee, Edwin Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3110
Livingood, Bill Group Manager, Commercial Buildings 303-384-7490
Long, Nicholas Senior Engineer 303-384-6183
Macumber, Dan Engineering 303-384-6172
Maguire, Jeff Research Engineer 303-275-4309
Mayernik, Jack Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 202-488-2209
Merket, Noel Research Engineer 303-275-3156
Parker, Andrew Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4568
Pathak, Maharshi Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-275-3106
Petersen, Anya Senior Software Engineer 303-275-4598
Phillips, Lucas Research Technician III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6482
Pless, Shanti Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6365
Polly, Ben Senior Research Engineer 303-384-7429
Roberts, Dave Group Manager III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7496
Robertson, Joe Research Engineer 303-275-4575
Rothgeb, Stacey Manager, Residential Integration & Analysis 303-275-4361
Sparn, Bethany Research Engineer - Residential Buildings 303-384-7442
Studer, Danny Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4368
Swindler, Alex Researcher III-Software Engineering 303-275-3265
Torcellini, Paul Principal Engineer 303-384-7528
Trenbath, Kim Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-3710
Weaver, Evan Researcher III-Software Engineering 303-275-3909
Wheeler, Grant Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4577
Wilson, Eric Research Engineer 303-275-4676
Winkler, Jon Senior Research Engineer 303-275-4356
Woods, Jason Senior Research Engineer 303-384-6189