Lighting Research

NREL leverages its long-standing expertise in the basic science of semiconductors and materials development for photovoltaics to explore new emitter materials for solid-state lighting.

Photo of light-emitting diode (LED) device on substrate.

NREL has performed early-stage R&D to demonstrate the potential of innovative emitter materials and lighting light-emitting diode (LED) designs to overcome efficiency limitations of conventional approaches. Efficiency improvements in direct-emitting green, amber, and red LEDs also can impact wildlife-safe outdoor lighting, automotive, display, and horticultural applications.

Key Capabilities

  • Discovery, epitaxy, and characterization of novel materials that will improve LED device performance at green and amber wavelengths. 
  • Deep expertise in a wide range of structural, chemical, optical, and electrical characterization techniques that can be combined to identify and understand loss pathways in LED devices.