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Buildings Data and Tools

NREL offers data and tools to help consumers, manufacturers, researchers, and utilities construct energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings.

These resources include standardized product data and findings, whole building simulation programs, machine-learning software models, and capabilities to help users identify ways to improve energy efficiency and make the grid more efficient, resilient, and reliable.

A 3-d model of a large, multi-wing commercial building.


The Building Energy Optimization (BEopt™) tool evaluates single-family detached and multifamily building designs and identifies the most cost-effective whole-house efficiency packages to achieve zero energy. The tool analyzes new construction and existing home retrofits, evaluating single building designs, parametric sweeps, and cost-based optimizations.


EnergyPlus® is a console-based program that reads input and writes output to text files, creating a model for energy consumption and water use in buildings. This whole building simulation program is open-source and cross-platform and has several comprehensive graphical interfaces.


foresee™ uses machine-learning algorithms, advanced data analytics, and physics-based modeling and simulation to derive data-driven appliance models and energy use patterns within a home and predict future energy consumption while coordinating the operation of connected appliances. This secure home automation system takes occupants' personal habits and priorities into account and automatically creates energy-saving scenarios homeowners can comfortably implement.


OpenStudio® is a collection of software tools that enhances speed and quality. It is made of two primary components: an application suite and a software development platform. The application suite can be used for design simulation and analysis, with ongoing feedback concerning energy efficiency, program requirements, costs, and building codes. The software development platform includes the ability to develop directly in code or with interface on any operating system, with extensive documentation available to assist in creating a building model.

ResStock Analysis Tool

The ResStock™ Analysis Tool identifies which home improvements save the most energy and money for cities, states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers. This tool processes data from supercomputer simulations with a statistical model of housing stock characteristics as well as large public and private data sources.

Technology Performance Exchange

The Technology Performance Exchange™ provides consumers, manufacturers, vendors, modelers, researchers, and utilities standardized product data to facilitate and improve assessments and comparisons of building-related products. This is a centralized, web-based portal for finding and sharing information on cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies.


The URBANopt (Urban Renewable Building And Neighborhood optimization) advanced analytics platform supports the design and optimization of urban districts and helps plan the integration of high-efficiency, sustainable energy technologies community-wide.