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Advancing the Bioeconomy:
From Concept to Market

NREL's bioenergy research team enables decarbonization of the industrial and transportation sectors, and a circular bioeconomy through the development and deployment of sustainable fuel, chemical, and polymer technologies.

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Partner With Us To Transform and Decarbonize Transportation Fuels and Chemicals Manufacturing

NREL partners with industry, government agencies, academia, and nonprofits to address research challenges in the development of bio-based products and technologies.

Diversity in Research

We build our research culture on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility principles while promoting energy justice in the bioeconomy.

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Interested in helping solve today’s decarbonization challenges and having a positive impact on the local, national, and global bioeconomy?

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An illustration of biomass conversion processes with arrows flowing from CO2 to Biomass variables to Conversion variables to Storage variables to Optimized system design.

Featured News: Bioenergy Community Connections

The U.S. Department of Energy tapped NREL to support a new $15 million research effort to improve the measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon dioxide removal technologies.

NREL's bioenergy research is supported across R&D programs in the U.S. Department of Energy and through industry partners.