Paths to a Clean Energy Transition

The Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) platform addresses the fundamental challenges of the transition to integrated energy systems.

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"How will our energy system change?" This question resounds for systems large and small, simple and complex. It's new terrain for everyone, but many companies, communities, and energy leaders are now finding their footing with ARIES.

ARIES can answer clean energy transition questions for communities, companies, and energy leaders, from "I don't know where to start or what steps to take," to "Costs and risks are so high, I need to know what's going to happen." ARIES can find potential issues and solutions before anything is put on the grid. We have the ability to pull in analysis, modeling, experimental work, visualization, and advanced computing to look at a wide range of potential scenarios."
— Jen Kurtz, ARIES research director

Project Highlights

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ARIES addresses these challenges of integrated energy systems at scale:

  • Managing variability in the physical size of new energy technologies
  • Securely controlling large numbers (millions to tens of millions) of interconnected devices
  • Integrating multiple diverse technologies that have not previously worked together.

ARIES can help:

  • Validate the best path to achieve decarbonization goals
  • Pinpoint weaknesses and solutions for systemwide resilience
  • Derisk new technologies
  • Ensure cybersecurity by design
  • Accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies.


NREL and other national laboratories are striving to make sure communities can confidently implement clean energy solutions and access the breakthrough science they need to support their clean energy transition.

Case Study
NREL Supports Alaska Utility Amid Coal Plant Retirement Through Communities to Clean Energy Program


With ARIES, companies can accelerate the evaluation, troubleshooting, and deployment of new technologies. The ARIES platform is highly flexible, with the ability to “plug and play” technologies in a holistic, integrated energy system for the first time at this scale.

Case Study
Grid Restoration Is Possible With 100% Renewables, as Shown in Small-Scale NREL Demonstration

Governments and Utilities

ARIES serves as a research platform for new designs of renewable power distribution systems. ARIES helps governments and utilities around the world implement renewable energy, storage, and smart grid technologies for remote and islanded communities.

Case Study
U.S. Collaboration With India Uses ARIES To Redesign Power Distribution