Research Staff

The dGen model is supported by an interdisciplinary team of energy experts.

Photo of Nate Blair

Nate Blair

Group Manager, Distributed Systems and Storage Analysis

Nate has a master's degree in business and mechanical engineering. He has expertise in solar system and distributed storage modeling.

Photo of Thomas Bowen

Thomas Bowen

Researcher II

Thomas has a master's degree in renewable energy engineering and management. He is an expert within energy policy and market and data analysis.

Photo of Paritosh Das

Paritosh Das

Researcher III, Model Engineering

Paritosh has a master's degree in electrical engineering. His work includes the study of adoption and grid integration of distributed energy resources, including in international markets.

Photo of Ashreeta Prasanna

Ashreeta Prasanna

Researcher III, Model Engineering

Ashreeta has a master's degree in project management in energy and environment and a master's degree in management and engineering of environment and energy. She is a model developer and data analyst.

Photo of Ashok Sekar

Ashok Sekar

Researcher III, Model Engineering

Ashok holds a doctorate in sustainability and a master’s in sustainable engineering. He studies the intersection of behavior, energy, and policy.

Photo of Hilary Sewell

Hilary Sewell

Professional II, Project Controller

Hilary has a bachelor's degree in business administration and management. She is a project controller supporting diverse energy projects.