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The Distributed Generation Market Demand (dGen) model simulates customer adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) for residential, commercial, and industrial entities in the United States or other countries through 2050.

A researcher points to a large map of the United States, broken down by county and color-coded according to modeled adoption of distributed energy resources.

The dGen model can help develop DER deployment forecasts for a range of spatial and temporal scales. To learn more, see model applications.

The dGen model can be used for:

  • Identifying the sectors, locations, and customers for whom adopting DERs would have a high economic value

  • Generating forecasts as an input to estimate distribution hosting capacity analysis, integrated resource planning, and load forecasting

  • Understanding the economic or policy conditions in which DER adoption becomes viable

  • Illustrating sensitivity to market and policy changes such as retail electricity rate structures, net energy metering, and technology costs.

An open-source version of the dGen model is currently being developed as part of the Resilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resources project. Learn about the open-source version's development.

Model Use

The dGen model is currently unavailable for public download. However, an open-source version is in progress.

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