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Security Procedures for Golden Laboratories and Administration Offices

Learn more about accessing NREL's South Table Mountain campus and other satellite office locations in Golden, Colorado.

South Table Mountain Campus

Upon arrival to NREL's South Table Mountain site, visitors are to drive up to the East Site Entrance Building window (left lane), and security staff will confirm they are on the expected visitor list. Visitors are required to show government-issued photo identification i.e., driver's license, passport, or military ID. Visitors will receive a parking placard and should park in the Research Support Facility (RSF) visitor parking lot.

Visitors will then enter the RSF lobby where their identification will be checked and a visitor badge provided. NREL hosts will meet their visitors at the RSF or at another NREL building. Security staff will arrange for shuttle transportation from the RSF, if needed.

Foreign Nationals must check with their host prior to their visit to make sure that a Foreign National Data Card has been signed and approved.

Denver West Building 16

Visitors to these NREL offices are required to check in with security at the East Site Entrance Building window. Visitors need to be prepared to show government-issued photo identification, and will need to be escorted by a host while in the NREL office space.

Colorado Renewable Energy Economic Development (CREED)

CREED is located at the Denver West Building 16. Visitors to the public area of CREED do not require prior  check in at the South Table Mountain campus or a host.

See a map showing the location of the South Table Mountain campus, Denver West Building 16, and CREED.